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Megan Winslett

Independent Travel Advisor

Megan Winslett

At a young age travel became the norm for Megan Winslett through her father’s career in the Air Force. Moving from city to city spurred a curiosity to learn more about each destination and the surrounding areas, but it wasn’t until spending two summers in Europe during college that Megan truly caught the travel bug.  Megan’s career led her to the non-profit sector planning and implementing programs for high-level executives.  Throughout this time, she still maintained the desire to experience more, and in 2017 changed careers and became a luxury travel advisor.

Whether planning a trip for a client or herself, Megan loves researching and gets excited about piecing each aspect of an itinerary together. She strives to build a relationship with clients so that she can anticipate their needs as she designs a custom itinerary. With an understanding that some of the best moments in travel are those that aren’t planned, Megan includes time for the unexpected and impromptu along with experiences specific to each client’s preferences.

Megan’s favorite memories are those from family adventures, so she loves planning family trips that create moments that her clients will remember for years to come.  She also enjoys designing itineraries to spots in the United States, South America, Europe, and more.

Destination Specialties: World-class US cities, Hawaii, US National Parks, Western Europe

Travel Specialties: Family travel, Adventure travel, Hotels and spas, Getaways