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Madison Croxson

Travel Coordinator

Madison Croxson

At age 13, Madison’s grandparents told her to choose anywhere on the map to go for a week – a long-standing family tradition and rite of passage! She chose to visit beautiful Spain, and the rest is history. She continued to travel throughout adolescence and college, with a few study abroad and exchange programs along the way, before graduating with an honors degree from the University of Alabama. Following graduation, she moved back to Madrid for a year to continue to study Spanish and fully immerse herself into the culture.

After returning to the States, she worked in public relations before finding Brownell in 2018. She loves working at Brownell because it not only taps into her knowledgebase and feeds her passion for travel, but it also leverages her strong organizational skills and keen eye for detail. Her clients benefit especially from her knowledge and personal experiences throughout Europe, the US, and the Caribbean.

Madison’s favorite part of planning travel for clients is the SHARE session once they return home. She loves hearing all about the trip, seeing photos, and learning even more about some of her favorite destinations!