Linda Terrill - Independent Travel Advisor

Linda Terrill

Independent Travel Advisor


Linda Terrill

Linda Terrill knows how to make each trip a warm and memorable experience for you and your fellow globetrotters. Whatever your travel wishes, from cruising Alaskan waterways to combing through black pearls in Tahiti, her expertise is unmatched. Linda’s extensive travel log, which includes twenty-four cruises on fifteen different cruise ships and visits to fifty countries, will ensure your satisfaction with each carefully planned itinerary.

Linda Terrill quoteYour trips will be tailored to your tastes and needs so you’ll never have to worry about the quality of your travel choices. As your personal travel consultant, Linda will make certain that your trip is executed with the utmost professionalism and enthusiasm. Linda’s credo is that the journey is just as important as the destination. She will endeavor to make each journey a perpetual source of enjoyment!

Destination Specialties: Ireland, Scotland, Galapagos Islands, Tahiti, Antarctica

Travel Specialties: Classic and Luxury Cruises, Custom-tailored itineraries to Ireland and Scotland, Group cruises