Lilly Lyn - Travel Coordinator

Lilly Lyn, CTA

Travel Advisor

Classic Caribbean 2

Lilly Lyn, CTA

Lilly Lyn worked in the hotel industry for 16 years before joining Brownell as Travel Coordinator. Now a Travel Advisor, Lilly’s experiences and training in the hospitality industry seamlessly translated into her role. With a background as a concierge and operations coordinator, Lilly understands the process from the hotel viewpoint and uses that knowledge to communicate and work with hotels. Lilly has a strong attention to detail that allows her clients to focus on the excitement of the upcoming trip while she organizes the particulars.

Lilly Lyn QuoteWhen Lilly begins the planning process, she treats it as if it were her own, paying it special care and consideration. She has an ability to understand the client’s needs and connects with the appropriate vendor, ensuring that everyone is on the same page. She strives to anticipate the client’s expectations so that they are met and the client is satisfied.

Certifications: CTA