Laura Heidt - Brownell Travel

Laura Heidt

Travel Insurance Desk Manager

Laura Heidt

Laura Heidt became the pioneering member of Brownell’s Insurance Desk in 2020. While this was her official welcome to the Brownell family, Laura was anything but a new face around Brownell’s offices. Laura has always been a source of knowledge and expertise for Brownell’s team with over 16 years of experience in the travel insurance industry,

In her role as Travel Insurance Desk Manager, Laura provides powerful insight and information to help our advisors protect their clients by ensuring the right insurance plan is selected for their trip. With Laura’s savvy “Why Buy” information, Brownell’s clients can rest easy knowing their precious vacation time is in good hands.

Laura graduated from the University of Oklahoma in the performing arts. After 10 years of performing she moved her focus to the travel industry in Resorts and Hotels. Laura is passionate about the travel industry and believes, “Once you are involved in the travel industry it is in your blood”.