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Lana Lewis

Independent Travel Advisor


Lana Lewis

Growing up behind the Iron Curtain, Lana Lewis didn’t have the faintest hope of ever seeing the world beyond. Moving from one end of the vast Soviet Union to the other every few years with her military family put the thirst of travel deep into her curious mind and restless soul. Lana lived in Russia, Ukraine and Eastern Germany. She has taken the TransSiberian railroad, found amber on the shores on the Baltic Sea, dipped her toe into the waters of Lake Baikal, waved at a seagull from the Swallows Nest in Crimea and much more.

Lana Lewis quoteLana’s memories of not being allowed to travel beyond the Soviet Union border have driven her to explore every corner of the world. She deeply appreciates the opportunity to freely travel throughout the world and encourages her clients to explore new destinations.

Lana has been in the travel business for nearly 20 years and can arrange any type of trip you can imagine. With her special contacts, Lana can arrange a private dinner in a typical Ukrainian home, a tour of the WWII battlefields around Stalingrad or a walk in St. Petersburg following the footsteps of Fyodor Dostoevsky. Whatever your dream, Lana can make a reality!

Certifications: Virtuoso Destination Specialist

Destination Specialties: Eastern and Central Europe, former Soviet Union, Mediterranean, Scandinavia

Travel Specialties: Honeymoons, Cruises, Foreign Independent travel, History & Literature