Katherine Norton - Travel Advisor

Katherine Norton, CTA

Director of Partner Relationships


Katherine Norton, CTA



Katherine knows that travel brings you even closer to your loved ones. Before she even began the first grade, Katherine jetsetted around the world with her father, visiting Singapore, Tokyo, and Hawaii and making memories that last a lifetime. As your travel advisor, Katherine treats you like family and loves crafting experiences that will be a part of your life forever. She doesn’t just focus on where you want to go but why you are going. Whether it is a milestone birthday, graduation, anniversary, or just a getaway to celebrate life, Katherine designs an itinerary that fits your unique wants and needs. Her professionalism, graciousness, and dedication awarded her the Virtuoso Rising Star award in 2015.

Katherine’s own travel interests range from cuisine in Italy to adventures in Chile to culture in Istanbul. Katherine graduated from the University of Alabama in 2010 with a degree in Business Marketing. When she’s not planning custom trips for her clients or exploring far off destinations, she resides in Birmingham with her husband Charlie, daughters Annie and Pearson, and their dog Palmer.

Certifications: CTA, Virtuoso Wanderlist Specialist, Virtuoso Family Specialist, Virtuoso Adventure Specialist, Virtuoso Cruise Specialist, IC Bellagio Advisory Board Member