Katherine Gould - Independent Travel Advisor

Katherine Gould

Independent Travel Advisor


Katherine Gould

Katherine Gould’s passion for travel started at a young age. She traveled frequently throughout her childhood, inspiring her to become a travel specialist. No dust settles on Katherine’s suitcase. She has traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico, Central America and the US. Her mission is always to experience the culture, cuisine and various accommodations during her visits abroad.

One of Katherine’s primary areas of expertise is tropical travel to destinations such as the Caribbean, Hawaii and the South Pacific.  She’s been traveling regularly to the Caribbean for over 20 years and visited most of the islands multiple times. During her stays, she has experienced every type of accommodation available, including chartering a sailboat in the Virgin Islands. Whether her clients are interested in a boutique hotel, villa, all-inclusive resort, cruise or a sailing trip, Katherine leverages her vast knowledge of the islands and the accommodations they offer to help them choose the right Caribbean destination. 

Katherine has extensive experience planning travel for families to destinations all over the world.  She travels frequently with her husband and two children so personally understands how to design a vacation that everyone in the family will find memorable and enjoyable.  Whether you’re interested in a multi-generational trip to Italy or a spring break get-away somewhere tropical, Katherine will create a travel experience customized to your family’s individual needs.

Destination Specialties: Caribbean, Europe, Hawaii, South Pacific, Mexico, Central America, US

Travel Specialties: Family, Couples, Multi-Generational, Anniversary Trips, Tropical