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Karen Lee-Ishmael, CTA

Independent Travel Advisor


Karen Lee-Ishmael, CTA

Bite Travel LogoKaren Lee-Ishmael is a wife, mother of twins and eternal optimist.  She has lived in South America, the United Kingdom and North America and has travelled extensively.  Pre-children, she and her husband enjoyed Vegas and semi-spontaneous jaunts to Paris and Rome.  Since the arrival of the offspring, international vacations have continued from the time the children were three months old, but are designed to accommodate eating and sleeping schedules, and family-style dining and entertainment within a 5-mile radius of holiday “home base.”  Many life lessons have been learned throughout these new journeys, some more challenging than others, but the most important have been: retaining a sense of humor is vital and the recognition that “selective hearing” is the tool of the determined!

Karen Ishmael quoteKaren has a B.A. (Hons) in English Literature from Smith College and a M.B.A. (specialization in Marketing) from the University of Miami.   Before establishing Bite Travel, LLC, she and her husband founded and managed two businesses in the technology industry.  Karen began her travel career as an unpaid planner of her extended family’s vacations. One of the most memorable trips of her life was a budget, 14-day coach tour through several cities in Europe with her sister and four close friends when she was 16.  Perhaps it was a “coming of age” event, but it was so unexpectedly fun and exciting that the smallest details of that trip are still preserved in crystal-clear, precious memories.

The Bite Travel mission is to inspire people to travel, and not just take a trip, but to take THAT trip – the one that has been on a “list” since college, or when you first got married; the one you dreamed about; the one you saved to share with loved ones; the one that helped you to find your joy. I believe that we are meant to journey, to satisfy our curiosities and educate ourselves by seeking to understand the unfamiliar. I think travel helps us to develop our humanity and discover ways to connect with each other.  My job is to enhance the travel experience – to make it easy and exciting – so that my clients can truly focus on their journey, and bank memories they will cherish for the rest of their lives.

Certifications: CTA, Aussie Specialist, Korea Travel Specialist

Destination Specialties: Barbados, The Cayman Islands, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Italy, Spain.  I live in Florida and know Miami and Fort Lauderdale very well.

Travel Specialties: Family Travel, multi-generational travel, Luxury Hotels and Resorts, Cruises