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Jodianne Johnson

Independent Travel Advisor

Jodianne Johnson

At the heart of it, Jodianne Johnson has a chronic, obsessive love of travel that is rooted deep in her DNA. She has lapped the Continental US several times and traveled extensively throughout Europe, Mexico, and the Caribbean. From her travels, Jodianne understands the most meaningful travel experiences come from seeing the landscape, tasting the food, meeting the people, and joining in a destination’s culture firsthand.

Jodianne collaboratives with each client to uncover the “wow” details that take a vacation from just okay to exceptional. She knows everyone wants to see the world in their own way, and she is devoted to creating travel experiences that reflect each client’s unique passions and particulars. Whether it’s accommodations, tours, train schedules, or anything in between, Jodianne navigates through the endless options to find the right fit for her travelers. As her client’s advocate, she carefully thinks through every detail of their itineraries, including the potential pitfalls that may occur, to ensure that every trip is smooth from start to finish.

A graduate of the journalism school of UNC-Chapel Hill, Jodianne is a careful listener and has an eye for detail. She has a long history as a business advisor and an entrepreneurial background in design and fashion. Now in her role as a travel advisor, she uses her professional skills and her passion for travel to help her clients discover the world.

Whether you want to unplug and relax, enjoy your kids enjoying each other, learn something new or are seeking to push yourself, Jodianne would be honored to hear more! And, please follow along with her lifetime of adventures @jodiannejohnsontravel.