Joanne Smith - Independent Travel Advisor

Joanne Smith

Independent Travel Advisor


Joanne Smith

Joanne Smith knew from an early age that she loved travel. Whether it was a family road trip in New England or a trip to Florida, she saw the beauty in each destination. After traveling the world during her 25-year career in finance, it was only natural that she transitioned into the role of travel advisor.

Joanne doesn’t just book vacations; she designs experiences. With a dedication to research and a fastidious attention to detail, Joanne works closely with each client to develop a custom trip that fits their hopes and dreams. From her experience in finance, she has a deep understanding that experiences—not things—create an enriched life. She aims to make each trip one that has lasting memories for each traveler. Whether she is planning a girlfriend’s spa getaway or a family trip abroad, Joanne’s willingness to listen and tailor the experience makes each trip special.

Destination Specialties: Anguilla, Barbados, British Virgin Islands, St. Martin, St. Vincent & the Grenadines, Japan, China, United Kingdom, USA

Travel Specialties: Beach & Sun, Ski Vacations, History & Culture, Food & Wine, Luxury Villas, Hotels, Rum punches throughout the Caribbean!