Jen Berg Ogilvie - Luxury Travel Advisor & Advocate

Jen Berg Ogilvie

Independent Travel Advisor

Jen Berg Ogilvie

Through travel consulting Jen Berg Ogilvie found her true calling: to empower families and individuals to break down barriers, access the world, and experience what lies beyond the ordinary. Whether it’s traveling with infants for the first time, a multigenerational vacation, a destination wedding with elderly family members, the first (or new) journey with someone with mobility or other challenges, or all of the above, Jen is a partner in sharing, finding, and creating solutions, even when others say it cannot be done.

Jen’s authentic care for clients, dedication to excellence, finest attention to detail, and creative problem solving allows her to turn dream trips into personalized travel experiences. She loves getting to know clients, their families, and their stories, and listens closely to understand how she can make each journey an obstacle-free and unforgettable vacation. She helps reframe clients’ perspectives of comfort zone, from everything “outside of it” to “expanding it,” and works with clients every step of the way: brainstorming, planning, communication through the trip, and reconnection once clients are home so they can share and learn together.

She is driven by her determination to squeeze the most out of this precious life, to treasure the single most valuable thing we have – quality time and memories with the ones we love – and to help others do the same. She loves curating memorable one-of-a-kind experiences for others. In designing her own destination wedding weekend in Florida, Jen planned four days of events, including a wheelchair-accessible beach ceremony. (You can see a brief write-up of the wedding here).

Specialties: Mutli-Generational, Family & Milestones, Accessibility Advocacy