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Holly NeSmith, CTA

Travel Advisor

Holly NeSmith, CTA

Holly Bauer QuoteSome people are extremely creative, and others are highly organized, remembering even the smallest detail. Holly NeSmith has the rare ability to do both. As Holly gets to know you and your unique interests and preferences, she can think outside of the box and carefully design an itinerary full of exciting experiences that you never knew existed. She loves learning what you are looking for in a trip and figuring out how she can make something special happen.

Holly’s laser-focus on exceptional experiences doesn’t stop at your first trip – like a fine wine, Holly NeSmith trips only get better as your relationship ages. A former youth minister, Holly is all about relationships and getting to know you before, during, and especially after your trip. She’s all about the SHARE stage of DISCOVER MORE when she listens to you recap your trip and learns even more about your likes and dislikes. She can then make your future trips even more personalized and better anticipate your needs and preferences.

Holly has been with Brownell since 2014, when she began her career in travel as a Travel Coordinator. Since then, she’s not only learned about amazing experiences she can offer you, but also how to make sure all the Is are dotted and Ts are crossed before you travel (though that attention to detail is Holly’s second nature). When she’s not designing itineraries, she loves exploring the world and spending time with her husband and daughter.


Certifications: CTA, Bermuda Specialist

Destination Specialties: Bermuda

Accolades: Travel Agent Magazine’s 2016 “Top 30 Under 30”