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Hayden Miller

Independent Travel Advisor

Hayden Miller

Hayden’s love for travel began while exploring the world with her family at an early age. As she expanded her travels as an adult, Hayden realized she enjoyed planning fantastic trips almost as much as the adventures themselves. With undeniable passion and an eye for detail, she easily transitioned into the role of luxury travel advisor.

Hayden has a keen appreciation for travel’s ability to deepen bonds and create a shared sense of adventure within a family.  This is based heavily on her own family’s experience, including extensive travel in Asia while an expat in Singapore. Hayden knows how to enrich every experience and make traveling with children more fun for parents and kids alike.

Hayden lives in Austin, TX with her husband Drew and their two boys, Knox and Reed. A few of her favorite recent family trips include skiing in British Columbia, safari in Kenya, and an island getaway in the Seychelles.