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Courtney Sanak

Senior Travel Coordinator

Courtney Sanak

Courtney fell in love with travel while backpacking through Europe after graduating college. Her passion grew as she navigated the Métro de Paris and strolled down Las Ramblas in Barcelona. After eight years in the event planning industry, Courtney was ready to make her passion a career. Courtney joined Brownell in 2017 and is a Travel Coordinator on Amanda Foshee’s team.

As an avid hiker, animal lover and amateur photographer, she loves exploring new places and adventure travel. Her primary focus is learning about her clients’ idea of their perfect trip and bringing them to life. Courtney uses her attention to detail and planning skills to help create unforgettable travel experiences.

When she’s not exploring new destinations, she spends time hiking with her husband Brandon and dogs Lexie, Pancakes and Bear.