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Catherine Whitworth, CTA

Independent Travel Advisor



Open QuoteThe trip and memories you provided us with exceeded our expectation.  It was such a contrast – there was this overwhelming calm as everything was so organized and flowed so seamlessly (unlike some of my planned trips) and then your blood pressure and excitement soared as your rounded a corner in Cape Town and saw the view, or you saw an unexpected animal in the wild, you walked into a beautiful hotel room that was way over your expectation!  We were continually pampered and each day added more wonder. Plus, we appreciate all the little extras and surprises along the way. I usually base the success of a trip on what I have learned – that you delivered on. I did not expect to be so well taken care of with guides, transfers, and accommodations and interim checking. I have truly been spoiled.End Quote – Christine D.

Open QuoteWe were totally blown away with the upgrade to our room #603. Usually we do not spend much time in the room, but we enjoyed breakfast there everyday as well as 2 lunches, a dinner, and many glasses of wine. The view was the most beautiful we have ever had.  We are truly grateful for what you do for us. We continue to tell everyone about you and the great work you do! Thank you so much! End Quote – Tap & Dee Dee

Open QuotePrinces and presidents could not have paid any amount to assure an experience akin to what we experienced on our trip. It was a memorable experience and one of the highlights of our journey through India.End Quote – Lt. Marcus D’Silva

Open QuoteThis trip exceeded our every expectation!End Quote -Bob Eadie

Open QuoteHi love: We arrived, and we are in heaven, WE LOVE the resort. Catherine, Theo and I thank you so much for all your hard work in getting us here. I shall never forget this love. Thank you.End Quote  -Preston Bailey

Open QuoteCathy is the best travel consultant in the world and has been booking my global tours for years.End Quote -Vincente Wolf

Open QuoteThe Manager just gave us a tour of Africa House, it is amazing .. sleeps 12 , your own chef, butler , tracker and guide. It is beautiful.. I wish you would put together a group to come back!

We are truly having a great time! Thank you for all you did to make it so very special, it could not be better or easier. Last night we had our Bedouin Tented Dinner out in the bush, I am not ready to leave tomorrow! Thank you again for making this the best!End Quote – Debbie

Open QuoteWe had a fantastic time. All of us cried when we had to say good bye to Maurice. He was the best. We all thought the last three days tented camping were the best but we really loved the park at Lewa. It was a trip of a life time. Thanks for your help with it. Everything went perfectly. We will send you some pictures.End Quote – Gordon

Open QuoteHi Catherine – We had a fabulous time in Kenya! The people were beautiful and warm and the trip was spectacular! Thank you sincerely for everything you did to make it special for us. We made some wonderful family memories and hope we hold on to them for a lifetime. I would very much like to have an address for Merritt. I’d like to thank her personally for stopping to visit us during her trip to Atlanta. I would especially like to commend her for her choice of guide for us. Maurice Oyamo was an incredible addition to our experience. Without him I am certain we would not have gleaned as much from the trip. It was a very enriched experience because he was with us. Upon leaving, our youngest son, Joey cried all the way to the airport! His fear was he might never see Maurice again! He was difficult to comfort and has talked about him nearly every day since we came home! When friends ask him what the best part of our trip was he does not hesitate to say “My friend Maurice!”

I really want to let Abercrombie and Kent know what a tremendous employee they have. People like Maurice Oyamo are hard to find and difficult to keep. He is a gem and they should hear how much we appreciated his time, patience and expertise. Thanks so much for everything.End Quote -Sally Muir