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Open QuoteCaroline – I cried when I left Singita on Saturday. Tears steaming down my face if that gives you an idea of how much I enjoyed my trip. I would not have changed a thing. The Africa Inscribed crew are amazing. Can’t wait to tell you about it. Thank you so much!!!!End Quote

Open QuoteTruly one of the most unique and extraordinary experiences I have had.  I am having a hard time even describing it to my friends and family at home. I will cherish my memories of Uruguay, Estancia Vik, and the most fabulous traveling companions!  Wishing I could rewind the clock and start all over again.End Quote

Open QuoteWe just had the nicest vacay in a long time- perfect planning thanks to you. My first box of shoes just arrived and I am in heaven!!! The accommodations were wonderful and all the restaurants were delicious. Of course we have decided we will go back to Charleston & have some more fun. You are the best and I will recommend your services.  Hope to see you sometime soon.  End Quote – Monette

Open QuoteWe wanted the trip of a lifetime, and did Caroline make happen! We had been to Tuscany for our honeymoon and planned to return to Italy to celebrate our 10th anniversary. First Venice, and then a drive up into the Italian Alps to Lake Como. Caroline had all the logistics covered such as flights and water taxis, but the real treat was the Alfa Romeo Giulietta for the drive into the Alps! It was wonderful to have her “insider” suggestions for great hotels and restaurants —we selected what suited us and she took care of the rest. Working with Caroline and her travel service made planning the trip easy and fun, and she definitely offered options and opportunities that we never would have found on our own. It is not an exaggeration to say that thanks to Caroline, every moment of our getaway vacation was perfect.End Quote -Cathy and Tim M.

Open QuoteI am on the airplane flying back from BA. The whole trip was just AMAZING, a whole life experience. The kids and us are extremely happy with all the memories and experiences. Even Natalia prepared a surprise marriage ceremony when we were at the house in Watamu! End Quote -Max B.

Open QuoteCaroline–and I literally speak for all of us–this is spectacular! So far it has been heavy on swimming, tennis, golf, etc. The villa is unbelievable–perched at the highest point of the mountain with panoramic views. Believe it or not, the internet can’t even do justice to how nice the villa is and the staff is really great (especially the butler and bartender who are working the hardest of all). Tonight we have the party on the beach that Berkeley organized with a calypso band, limbo, and fire-eater. We will tell you all about it on the return, but wanted to give you the impressions after only a couple of days Thanks again and great job.End Quote – Rick E.

Open QuoteIt was UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!! One of the greatest trips I’ve ever had … And I’ve had some great ones.End Quote – Lawrence G.

Open QuoteWe had a blast!!! ALL of the arrangements were perfect!! We had a great time exploring the beaches and restaurants and staying at Shutters, and the Simpson House was phenomenal! Thanks for all you did. I can’t imagine that it could have been any better! Thanks!!End Quote – Sallie S.

Open QuoteCaroline: Thanks. All your arrangements were once again first rate!End Quote – Hew P.

Open QuoteCaroline, As usual, Hew is correct on all fronts. All of the arrangements worked out exactly as planned. Ludmilla was a terrific guide, including being willing to alter the planned tour to meet our desires. The hotel was first rate, and the transfers were waiting at each place as planned. Everyone was extremely polite as well. Overall, definitely an A+ Thanks for all of your help!End Quote – Tom B.

Open QuoteCaroline–You are my hero! Thank you for finding and arranging the trip of a lifetime. We can’t wait to tell you all about it.End Quote   – Jakie and Peter

Open QuoteCaroline–It was an excellent trip. Thank you for such a wonderful recommendation. Karen and I had a really great time. We should talk in the next day before we forget any details which are too numerous to spell out in an email. It was a fantastic 4 days! Many thanks.End Quote   – Austin

Open QuoteWE LOVED OUR TRIP!!! Thanks so much for everything you did to make it extra special and perfect. We’ll be calling again soon.End Quote   – Betsy

Open QuoteCaroline, the trip was amazing!  So relaxing, everything was even better than expected.  Thanks to you, great call on sending us there. I will forward some pics. Thanks again.End Quote  – Brude

Open QuoteEvery now and then a vacation has all parts fall into place perfectly. This was a perfect experience and one that we will always remember fondly. Thank you, Caroline. You had everything to do with our special weekend.End Quote    – Jakie

Open QuoteIt was INCREDIBLE. I really think perfect. Thank you sooo much!!End Quote   – Beth

Open QuoteThe tour was terrific. The guide was knowledgeable and pleasant and focused on addressing our needs. For example, he agreed to add a destination to the itinerary (the spice market), and we still managed to see all of the original sights. The van was large and comfortable. If I had something to complain about, I would, but you all, once again, came through with flying colors. Thanks!End Quote    – Tom

Open QuoteThe trip was JUST wonderful! We were upgraded to a garden view (!) which actually had a view of the water! The daily breakfast was heavenly, the lunch wonderful. The champagne upon arrival was so exciting. Thank you for making our trips so very special.End Quote    – Hannah

Open QuoteOk- you’re over the top. You are who I will forever refer to when asked about travel. CheersEnd Quote  – Gibbs