Austin Vollmer - Senior Marketing Coordinator

Austin Vollmer Leatherbury

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Austin Vollmer Leatherbury

Austin isn’t just a cool city in Texas. Brownell’s Senior Marketing Coordinator, Austin Leatherbury plays a key role on the marketing team. She has nicknames galore (Austi, Porkchop, Eggroll, Meatball, huh?), but the most accurate is “Supplier Wrangler!” Austin brings in travel suppliers, guides and experts from all over the world to train our teams on the latest and greatest. To get a spot on the Brownell training calendar, email Austin quick! The Brownell calendar fills up quickly.

Austin  serves as project manager for all marketing campaigns and works closely with our suppliers and advisors to make sure we communicate special offers and rare experiences to our clients. She also plays a key role in event planning and managing Brownell’s digital assests.  Her favorite part of the job? “All the wonderful people I get to work with while learning about fabulous places all over the world.”

Austin graduated from the University of Alabama with a degree in Marketing. She works from the Brownell Mobile office.