Alyson Jarvis - Travel Coordinator

Alyson Jarvis, CTA

Travel Coordinator

Alyson Jarvis, CTA

Alyson Jarvis fell in love with discovering new destinations from an early age. While traveling with her family, she thrived off of absorbing each new culture. She translated her creative spirit into teaching art in the Atlanta Public School System, but after two years decided to follow her passion for travel. In 2013, she joined the Brownell family as Travel Coordinator to Martha Gaughen.

Alyson Jarvis QuoteAlyson excels at designing visual presentations to get clients excited for their upcoming trip. From short videos to slideshows, she highlights what each destination offers. In addition to crafting custom presentations, Alyson works closely with clients to understand their unique needs and wants. Her favorite part of the Discover More process is hearing about her clients’ amazing trips once they return home.

Certifications: CTA