Addie Walters - Director of Leisure Travel Operations

Addie Walters, CTA

Director of Leisure Travel Operations

Addie Walters, CTA

Addie-Walters_Updateaddie Walters quoteAddie Walters started her career at Brownell Travel almost twenty years ago as the receptionist, but her passion for travel was alive long before her tenure at Brownell. During college, Addie spent a year abroad in Paris where she caught  the “travel bug.”

Addie enjoys making sure all the pieces come together for clients and takes pride in the final result. Now, as a Director of Leisure Travel Operations for Team Meg, her detail-oriented persona makes her a pivotal part of the travel coordinating process.

Addie has traveled extensively with Brownell. From trekking through the Patagonia region of Chile to exploring the wilderness on an African safari, Addie has a wide range of knowledge. She also enjoys more traditional destinations in Europe such as England, France, and Italy.

Certifications: CTA

Destination Specialties: France, Italy