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Morocco, or “The Western Kingdom” as it is known in Arabic, is an emerging travel destination that enchants travelers from all over the world.

Boasting opulent cities such Marrakech and Casablanca, Morocco is adorned with lavish palaces and unique mosques that paint a sparkling landscape on a golden desert canvas. The modern architecture juxtaposes more traditional buildings which showcases the bridge between past and present Moroccan societies.

Almost as diverse as its architecture and culture is the cuisine of Morocco. Your Brownell Advisor can arrange private cooking lessons during your trip so you can learn how to master the art of making couscous along with brewing Atai, a popular mint tea.

Luxury accommodations in Morocco range from five-star hotels to private Moroccan estates, or riads. Our preferred hotel partners onsite offer the familiar luxuries of home with a dash of Moroccan spice. These trusted partners include The Four Seasons Resort Marrakech. For an authentic Moroccan experience, riads have beautiful enclosed courtyards complete with traditional architecture and tile work. These estates can be fully staffed, leaving no want unfulfilled during your stay.

When you book through Brownell, you can rest assured knowing you are in the trusted hands of our preferred partners when exploring the beauty of Morocco. Your Brownell Advisor can coordinate tours, restaurant reservations and private chauffeurs to ensure that you are traveling in style and comfort.


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