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Quick! Kiss the Blarney stone and you will be eloquent for the rest of your life! While this may only be true in Irish folklore, we know firsthand that visiting the Blarney Castle and the beautiful country of Ireland is an experience you will take with you for the rest of your life. At only 302 miles long and 174 miles wide, you may think a day or two would do for a driving tour of Ireland, but there is far more to the “Emerald Isle” than a quick drive-by of the Ireland travel hot spots. This small island is bursting with culture, history and magnificent landscapes. Imagine spending the night in a majestic Irish castle, nestled in the heart of the lush green countryside. Spend your days visiting Celtic and early Christian ruins, cycling in the countryside of Kerry and Clare, or driving along the stunning rugged coast of Connemara. Opt for an evening in a lively pub full of traditional Irish music and local brews. Whether you take one of our preferred luxury UK cruises or enjoy luxury in independent Irish tours, our Ireland travel consultants can advise you on the best the country has to offer.

Luxury Ireland and UK Cruises
If you are looking for luxury, Ireland cruises are a great option for maintaining a relaxing home base, taking varied day excursions, and staying on the American dollar! Not to mention the stunning views of the Irish landscape from your private balcony. Our consultants are skilled at selecting the best luxury UK cruises for any taste and budget. Click here to learn more.

Ireland Driving Tours
Some claim that soaking in the Irish culture demands touring on land. Our consultants have designed countless unique itineraries and escorted driving tours. We can help you plan an itinerary that hits the Ireland travel hot spots and takes you to the gems of Ireland known only to the locals. If you enjoy traveling with a group, many of our preferred partners offer superior tours. For example, the Brendan Gold Ireland tour and Brendan’s luxury coach tours of Scotland and Ireland guide you through the splendid country in comfort and ease. You will visit cathedrals and castles as well as colorful towns like Waterford, site of the Waterford Crystal factory. Whether you visit Ireland with a family or travel with a larger group, Ireland and Scotland luxury tours designed by our experts are well known for their excellence.

Our specialists not only know good vacation spots in Ireland, they have personal knowledge of charming luxury properties, including castles and manor homes throughout the country. Unique relationships with inland properties and preferred partners offering luxury UK cruises give our consultants access to the very best of Ireland. Tours for singles, couples and groups are abundant, so before getting lost in the guidebooks or on the internet, contact one of our Ireland travel specialists below.


Ireland and UK Cruises

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