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A century-old travel destination, Egypt is a modern country sprinkled with some of the most well-known and ancient architectural gems in the world.

From the lush land surrounding the Nile River to the sprawling spaces of the Sahara Desert, a trip to Egypt is ideal for history lovers who want to explore an ancient civilization.

While the cities of Cairo and Alexandria are definitely hotspots, there are other places off the beaten path that your Brownell Advisor can gain exclusive access to for you. With hundreds of years of history, Egypt is a country rich with culture just waiting for you to explore!

Are you in search of a private guided tour of the Ancient Pyramids of Cairo or the ruins of Memphis and Thebes? How about experiencing this old world with all the luxurious amenities of the modern day? Our Brownell Egypt specialists can coordinate tours and help you decide which accommodations are suitable for your unique tastes and budget.

At Brownell, we understand your need for a certain level of comfort while also wanting to explore new sights. That’s what we are here for. A meeting with one of our Advisors is just the start of a relationship that allows them to sculpt a trip around you and what you hope to gain from visiting this ancient paradise.

From multigenerational families to couples, Brownell Egypt specialists will ensure you experience the best of the best while soaking in the world’s oldest and most renowned treasures of civilizations’ past.

Our Egypt travel advisors are unmatched in their level of expertise. In order to be designated a Egypt specialist, our consultants must not only be experienced in designing travel, they must also spend extensive time in the country. They are constantly researching the best properties and places to see and experience. You can be confident that you have found the top source for information and travel opportunities in Egypt. Contact one of our Egypt travel advisors above to get started.

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