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Located only 90 miles off the coast of Florida, a trip to Cuba is like taking a step back in time. Now with loosened government restrictions, legal travel to Cuba is easier than ever. Brownell has several travel partners licensed to tour this country that was once the forbidden fruit for Americans. During a people-to-people trip to Cuba, you will have the opportunity to experience the colorful beaches and cobblestone streets as well as have cultural exchanges with the local people.

The entryway to Cuba is the capital, Havana. Picturesque streets lined with classic 1940s and 1950s cars echo the days of Hemingway and the old Caribbean. Here you will have ample time to get a true feel of the country by interacting with locals. Dine at a paladar, or a small family-run restaurant, for an authentic experience. This vibrant city buzzes with an art and music scene that simply draws you in.

Beyond Havana, there are many historical and natural sights to explore. See the infamous Bay of Pigs, and learn about the important ecosystem in this area. Cuba has extensive marine life to explore both above and below the water. If you are an avid snorkeler, prepare to be amazed at the underwater world that is bursting with life. Travelers can meet with Cuban marine biologists, scientists, and conservationists for an even deeper understanding of the ecosystems.

Your Brownell Advisor will be able to match you with a trip to Cuba that fits your unique needs. Whether you want a cultural immersion in Cuba, a look at the natural side, or a mix of both, your Advisor along with our travel partners will plan a trip to Cuba that celebrates this country’s fascinating past, present, and future.