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Situated between Western and Eastern Europe, Austria offers a world of wonder for any traveler. Dominated by the mountainous terrain of the Alps, Austria has breathtaking landscapes in addition to a climate that is far cooler than what you’ll find throughout most of the continent. Its ancient cities are rife with charming thoroughfares, quaint inns and buildings sure to bring to mind the charm of old Europe. Vienna, the capital city, teems with cathedrals, and its rich musical, artistic and literary history abounds. Be sure to buy tickets for a performance by the world famous Vienna Boys’ Choir.

From Vienna luxury cruises to traipsing the land that inspired the musical genius of Joseph Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, there are plenty of reasons to plan your trip to Austria.

Austrian cuisine is also a delight for any gourmand or amateur fine diner. Borrowing from both its Western and Eastern neighbors, Austria is a country rich in this fusion of culinary traditions from its sweet strudels to the more traditional wiener schnitzel.

Newlyweds who honeymoon in this glamorous country find diverse activities from skiing to cultural tours to cruises along the country’s beautiful rivers. Artist Gustav Klimt of “The Kiss” was Austrian, and what better way to celebrate the beginning of your life together than with a visit to his homeland?

Our Austria travel specialists know the best ways to see every part of this lovely land and can help you plan the details and make reservations for a vacation that meets all of your needs.

If you are a true land lover, spend your days in Vienna, Salzburg and Graz taking in the architecture and terrain of this pristine nation. For Vienna luxury cruises, travel the Danube as it meets the opening of the Black Sea. And, of course, no one says that you have to choose just one of these many options for your luxury vacation. At Brownell, our luxury travel advisors are experts at arranging the best ways to traverse Austria and tailor a perfect travel experience just for you.

Our luxury travel consultants also have unique relationships with the top luxury properties and resorts, so that you can experience all this majestic country has to offer. The beauty, history and culture of Austria should not be missed, and our consultants have insider knowledge and experience that can make your Austrian vacation one you never forget.

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