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Great Barrier Reef

The only living thing visible from space, the Great Barrier Reef is a magical underwater world and haven for sea and animal life. It is the largest coral reef ecosystem in the world and a World Heritage site. Discovering the coral cays and life of the reef is an experience of a lifetime. Our Australia and New Zealand experts visit year after year, staying ahead of the travel trends and Great Barrier Reef tourist activities, and they are continually amazed by the beauty and magnificence found in the reef. We invite you to travel off-shore, whether through Great Barrier Reef sailing trips, snorkeling or diving, to experience the most alluring underwater world imaginable!

Where is the Great Barrier Reef Located?
The Reef is found off the northeastern coast of Australia, beginning around southern Queensland and extending to Cape York. It covers almost 1,200 miles, and varies between 185 miles off-shore and nearly touching the mainland. Thousands of smaller reefs and hundreds of islands are found between the Great Barrier Reef and the Australian coast. Brownell consultants can direct you to unique and luxurious resorts on secluded islands in the reef ecosystem-truly a getaway!

Animals of the Great Barrier Reef
There is bountiful life above and below the reef and surrounding waters. The climate of the Great Barrier Reef contributes to its vitality-coral thrives in warm, shallow salt water, with lots of light and movement. The healthy coral makes the reef it a rich environment for underwater life and an extraordinary travel destination. We have discovered what types of animals live on the Great Barrier Reef-reptiles, mammals, fish, birds, amphibians, and more-but we will never be able to label all the species found here. Identified are over 350 types of coral, 1500 fish species, 200 species of birds, 20 kinds of sea snakes, and more than 4,000 species of mollusks. Among the threatened species are whales, dolphins, sea turtles, dugong, and giant clams. For the lover of wildlife or the curious traveler, it doesn’t get more interesting than the animals of the Great Barrier Reef!

Great Barrier Reef Sailing Trips
Great Barrier Reef sailing trips are a magnificent way to see the reef. Our consultants can direct you to the right boat and guide to make sure you are not trapped in crowds at the most popular Great Barrier Reef tourist activities. Whether on a week long sailing trip or an afternoon excursion, sailing on and around the reef is an ideal way to make the most of your time in this stunning environment.

There are Great Barrier Reef tourist activities galore-creating crowded dive boats and schools of snorkelers-so it is important to work with experts that have the connections and knowledge to create truly unique and personalized experiences. Whether you are interested in an island experience, Great Barrier Reef sailing trips, snorkeling or diving, our consultants can develop the perfect plan for your time on the reef.



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