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Over ninety nine percent of Antarctica is coated in brilliant white and multicolored ice, virtually untouched by human life. It is a foreign world, with conditions fit for training astronauts and learning what Mars must be like. Our consultants are often asked if people should travel to Antarctica, and we are proud to give a resounding yes!

Should people travel to Antarctica?
It is a valid question, as Antarctica is the coldest and driest place on earth. The first tourist did not even travel there until 1956. But we think that expeditions to Antarctica hold the possibility of life-changing adventure and learning. Experiencing Antarctica doesn’t necessarily mean bracing yourself for the conditions of cross country skiing and sub-zero tent dwelling, though extreme adventures are certainly an option. Antarctica cruises are an excellent way to see the wildlife and scenery with luxurious accommodations and all the comforts of home.

Luxury Cruises to Antarctica
Brownell consultants are proud to have unique relationships with partners offering the best in cruises to Antarctica. The views from the cruise ships are spectacular-watch calving off the massive Ross ice shelf to create new ice burgs, and look for giant whales gracefully cutting through the icy waters. But luxury cruises to Antarctica can still get you up close and personal with the ice world and its creatures if you are up for an excursion away from the ship. Smaller vessels carry explorers on land where curious penguins will walk right up to you (if you are still) and fur seals seem unfazed by unfamiliar human life. Our specialists are experienced and knowledgeable of all voyages to the white continent and can advise you on the best luxury cruises to Antarctica for your preferred level of adventure.

Extreme Antarctica
If you long to see more than the coastline and islands, our partners are braving the inland, untouched regions of Antarctica and can usher you safely along. Travel in the extreme conditions to the South Pole. Follow in the footsteps of the great explorers Ernest Shackelton and James Cook. The beauty of this southern ice world is unmatched, and you will come away with a fresh perspective on our planet-that is, if you are up for remote Antarctic adventure!

Whether it is through a private inland excursion or a luxury cruise to Antarctica, Brownell consultants know the insider tips necessary to enjoy the extreme. So, should people travel to Antarctica?-yes! but only if they are booking with someone they can trust has experience and thorough knowledge of the continent. See one of our Antarctica travel specialists below to start planning your Antarctic expedition today.