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Rosewood Elite

Rosewood hotels and resorts are among the most special and divine properties in the world. Many are historically significant properties that were the private playgrounds of America’s elite like the Rockefellers. Through our status as a Rosewood Elite agency, we are pleased to offer you insider’s access at these amazing hotels and resorts.

Rosewood Elite Benefits

  • VIP Recognition by hotel staff and managing director.
  • Upgrade upon arrival, subject to availability.
  • Special on-property staff dedicated to you as an Elite client. Personal welcome for Elite clients
  • Top-of-waitlist Elite priority in high demand periods like holidays.
  • Elite Price Assurance: If a special offer is developed after a reservation confirmation is generated for an Elite agent’s client, Rosewood Hotels & Resorts will extend better value upon request up until 24 hours prior to guest arrival.

More Benefits by Booking with Brownell

Rosewood Elite agencies are often extended special promotions that include complimentary nights, upgrades, double upgrades and more. We are able to combine these offers with your Elite benefits to create an exceptional value for you.

Brownell Executive Vice-President, Meg McGriff North, holds a seat on the Rosewood Travel Agent advisory board. This gives us a strong voice and direct contact to the executive management of Rosewood. When you’re traveling with Brownell, you can be certain that you have a strong advocate working on your behalf.

 Rosewood Elite Specialists

*Brownell is a fee-based travel agency, and most advisors will charge a fee for trip planning services, including single night hotel bookings. The fees vary depending on the advisor as well as the length, number of passengers, and complexity of the trip.