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Ritz-Carlton STARS

When you book one of any Ritz-Carlton hotels, resorts or reserve properties world-wide with a Brownell travel advisor, you become a privileged VIP guest – with access to value-added amenities and an even deeper level of service with Ritz-Carlton. Each of Brownell’s travel advisors are Ritz-Carlton STARS agents and are able to extend very special benefits for you to enjoy during your stay. This special access is not available to you by booking directly or through any special credit card perks program.

Ritz-Carlton STARS Benefits

  • VIP Status. The top hotel executive is made aware of your stay.
  • Complimentary breakfast for 2, daily.
  • Preferred status for room or suite upgrade at time of check-in.
  • First priority for your room type, location, bedding and connecting rooms.
  • Top priority waitlist in sold out situations.
  • No walk policy in sold out situations.
  • Warm welcome from hotel management.
  • Pre-registration and express check- in upon request.
  • 4:00 pm late checkout – priority request.

Even More Value by Booking with Brownell

At 85+ Ritz-Carlton properties worldwide, you may also combine Brownell’s Virtuoso amenities with the STARS amenities. Your Brownell travel advisor will let you know which hotels and resorts are part of the program and then will add the benefits below to your reservation.

  • Room or suite upgrade upon arrival, subject to availability
  • Room or suite upgrade at time of booking at several participating hotels, subject to availability.
  • $100 Credit to be used during your stay. Often for spa, specialty services or food & beverage.

Before You Go

Would you like extra bottled water in your room? Your favorite magazine? A bottle of champagne? A framed photo of the family pet?  Let your Brownell advisor know your preferences and he/she will work with our Ritz-Carlton Guardian Angel to make it happen.

More About Ritz-Carlton STARS and Brownell

Brownell Travel is a top 10 producing agency for Ritz-Carlton. Our companies have a special relationship that extends before the very first Ritz-Carlton opened its doors to guests. The executive management of Brownell and Ritz-Carlton work closely together to ensure our common goal of providing a memorable and exceptional experience for our shared guests.

Brownell is one of just a few exceptional agencies tapped to be members of the Ritz-Carlton STARS program. Apart from the special Ritz-Carlton STARS benefits above, our advisors also have personal relationships with a “Guardian Angel” on-property. Consider your Brownell travel advisor and Ritz-Carlton guardian angel your advance detail team – working behind the scenes to prepare for your VIP experience.

While every effort will be made to extend all the privileges requested for VIP clients, some of these benefits are based on availability and may, on occasion, not be available.

Ritz Carlton STARS Specialists

*Brownell is a fee-based travel agency, and most advisors will charge a fee for trip planning services, including single night hotel bookings. The fees vary depending on the advisor as well as the length, number of passengers, and complexity of the trip.