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Four Seasons Preferred Partner

As a Brownell guest, you are privy to the exclusive Four Seasons Preferred Partner program. Each of the 97 Four Seasons Resorts and Hotels will extend added-value amenities and VIP status to you, regardless of which credit card you use. Your Brownell Travel Advisor has a personal relationship with contacts on-property, and priority access for reservations and requests. Rest assured, your Travel Advisor will work hand-in-hand with their contacts to make sure your stay is memorable and includes these extra Four Seasons Preferred Partner benefits.

Four Seasons Preferred Partner Benefits

  • VIP Status. Hotel management and staff anticipates your arrival
  • First priority for best guest room inventory.
  • Priority wait-list clearance in sold out hotels, and a strict no walk policy.
  • NEW: Pro-Active outreach between hotels and Brownell/Preferred Partner travel advisors to customize your hotel/destination experience

Even More Value by Booking with Brownell

Your Four Seasons Preferred Partner benefits are always often combinable with other special offers from Four Seasons such as “Experience More” and “Stay Longer.” Your Brownell Advisor may also be able to offer an upgrade at time of booking due to their access to special promotions.

More About Four Seasons and Brownell

Just a handful of travel agencies worldwide are members of the Four Seasons Preferred Partner Agency program. Brownell is proud to be one of the elite few. In addition, Brownell has a seat on the Four Seasons Advisor Council, and is invited to help shape the program to meet the needs of our shared guests. When you book a Four Seasons resort or hotel with Brownell, you become a very special guest indeed.

*Brownell is a fee-based travel agency, and most advisors will charge a fee for trip planning services, including single night hotel bookings. The fees vary depending on the advisor as well as the length, number of passengers, and complexity of the trip.