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Where You Should Travel with Seabourn

With itineraries that include all seven continents, the options for where you should travel with Seabourn are endless. Each destination offers unique experiences, but there are three that truly stand out. Learn why these are so spectacular below!


Navigate through the last frontier with ease and six-star elegance on board Seabourn.

Unique Itineraries:

From the mile-long glaciers to the wildlife to the culture, Alaska is a truly magical experience. And with Seabourn’s smaller vessels, you can see the the hidden gems of the Alaska Inside Passage and other harder-to-reach areas. Complete the trip by tacking on The Denali Experience before or after your cruise. The fully-escorted, custom designed, four day voyage gives you a chance to delve deeper into the Alaskan wilderness. Get a bird’s eye view of the soaring glaciers on a bush plane ride into Denali National Park, take in the picturesque Hurricane Gulch from the comfort of a luxurious domed rail-car, and top it off with a private guided Tundra Wilderness Tour through the park.

Bird Watching:

Hey bird-watchers – did you know some of the best bird watching in world is in Alaska? Take a catamaran through St. Lazaria National Wildlife refuge to get a better look at our feathery friends! Don’t worry, the window-wrapped cabin is heated.


See the Misty Fjords, hike Davidson Glacier, kayak around the Klemtu Coast…there are excursions for everyone. Plus the optional Ventures by Seabourn excursions take you even closer to the beauty of Alaska.


When you cruise with Seabourn in Alaska, the shore is no longer a tiny speck on the horizon – one of the many perks of sailing on a smaller vessel. You can spot animals from the comfort of your own suite, the deck, or other spots on the ship. When you stop at the ports, it only gets better. Whether you choose to hike, kayak, explore native cultures, or any other exciting activity, you can get even more up-close-and-personal with nature.


Join the few and proud who can claim they have been to the Great White Continent.


Seabourn will take you from Patagonia to Antarctica where you can discover some very incredible and very, very inaccessible locations. First, explore Torres del Paine National Park at the southern tip of South America for a peek at the glaciers, or opt for the South Pole Experience – just a ski plane flight away to your home away from home at a modern, ecologically operated Union Glacier Camp. Then continue to Antarctica, where even the most experienced travelers are humbled by the towering icebergs and sweeping vistas.

Experienced Guides:

The Seabourn team doesn’t just know what they’re doing – they’re passionate about Antarctica (See an interview with one of their Antarctica team members here!). During your trip, you will not only see and experience Antarctica, but you will also get to learn about it from the best of the best. You will get the inside scoop from Seabourn’s skilled Expeditions Team of naturalists, glaciologists, Whale Experts, Penguin Experts, Ornithologists and more with Seabourn Conversations.


King penguins, Rockhopper penguins, Adelie penguins, and more! (Well, four more…Antarctica is home to seven types of penguins.) Seabourn offers several excursions to view these amazing, comedic creatures. In the Malvinas/Falklands you can visit the Rockhopper penguin colony or go on a 4×4 adventure to see king penguins. And if penguins aren’t enough, there is plenty of time for other wildlife sightings like seabirds, whales, and seals from the ship and shore.

Creature comforts:

After a day of exploring, relax on board with hot chocolate, hot toddies, hot cinnamon rolls – need we say more?

Australia & the South Pacific

Kiwis, Koalas, and Kangaroos – oh my! Australia is the place to be for towering peaks, steaming geysers, sprawling vineyards, mighty fjords, vivid coral reefs, the list goes on!

For the foodies:

Enjoy a tour through regional markets with a Seabourn chef as your guide. You can learn about local ingredients, how to select them, and what to make. And then you can impress your friends at home with your knowledge and skills!

Journey on Land:

Seabourn Journeys allow you to immerse yourself in the Land Down Under. The newly launched programs give you the best of both land and sea with 8-day pre- or 7-day post-cruise options. Travel to the Red Centre and the Great Barrier Reef, where over 1,500 species of fish call home.

UNESCO excursions:

Thanks to their exclusive partnership with UNESCO, Seabourn offers excursions with enhanced content to World Heritage sites like Daintree National Park, Hamilton Island, and Fjordland National Park.

Aquatic Life:

Explore the Southern Reaches of the Dravuni archipelago, and enjoy guided snorkeling tours with Seabourn’s resident marine biologist in search of dolphins, sea turtles, corals and an array of exotic fish. For those who want to stay dry, take a zodiac through the re-discovered mangrove system around Trinity Islands, known for being a hot spot for saltwater crocs! Crikey!

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