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45 Ways to Say Cheers

Whether you’re toasting to a special holiday, the beginning of a trip or are simply celebrating life, there’s no better way to kick off the occasion than with a clink of the glasses. While saying “cheers!” is always a safe route, why not incorporate another language into the festivities? Or easily make friends in a new country by knowing the most vital phrase! (Ok—maybe not the most vital but still a good one to have in your back pocket!) Even if you’re not out of the Unites States, impress your friends and family by knowing 45 ways to say cheers!

Cheers_Dark-VerticalAfrikaans: Gesondheid (Ge-sund-hate)
Albania: Gëzuar (Geh-zoo-ah)
Argentina: Salud (Sah-lud)
Australia: Cheers
Azerbaijan: Nuş olsun (Hush ohlsun)
Brazil: Saude (sah-oo jee)
Bulgaria: Наздраве (Naz-dra-vey)
Catalan (Spain): Salut (Sah-lut)
Chile: Salud (Sah-lud)
China (Mandarin): gān bēi (Gan bay)
Costa Rica: Pura Vida (Pur-a Veed-a)
Croatia: Živjeli (Zhee-ve-lee)
Czech Republic: Na zdravi (Naz-drah vi)
Denmark: Skål (Skoal)
England: Cheers!
Estonia: Terviseks (Ter-vih-sex)
France: Santé (Sahn-tay)
Finland: Kippis (Kip-piss)
Germany: Prost (Prohst)
Greece: ΥΓΕΙΑ (Yamas)
Greenland: Kassutta (Kass-ut-ta)
Hawaii: Å’kålè ma’luna (Okole maluna)
Iceland: Skál (Sk-owl)
Ireland: Sláinte (Slawn-cha)
Israel: L’Chaim (La-hi-em)
Italian: Cin Cin (Chin chin)
Japan: Kanpai (Kan-pie)
Korea: Konbe
Latin: Sanitas bona (san-i-tas bona)
Latvia: Prosit (proh-sit)
Mexico: Salud (Sah-lud)
Myanmar: Aung myin par say (Au-ng my-in par say)
Norway: Skål (Skawl)
Poland: Na zdrowie (Naz-droh-veer)
Portugal: Saúde (Saw-OO-de)
Romania: Noroc (No-Rock)
Slovakia: nazdravie (Naz-drah-vee-ay)
Spain: Salud (Sah-lud)
Sweden: Skål (Skawl)
Thailand: Chok dee (Chok dee)
The Netherlands: Proost (Prohst)
The Philippines: Mabuhay (Mah-boo-hay)
Turkey: Serefe (Sher-i-fe)
Vietnam: Dô (Yo)
Wales: Lechyd da (Yeh-chid dah)