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Volcano Vistas on the Big Island

If you are looking to Discover More of Hawaii, a stop on The Big Island is a must! Board a flight from Maui to Kona and spend the day viewing the vast and varied landscapes of this tropical paradise– including an active volcano. During the right time of year, you can view the bright glowing trails of flowing lava via helicopter. This wonder of nature is best seen in the morning due HTE Big Island 2011 310to the breezes that sweep in throughout the afternoon—a prime time for beach bathing. During the initial flight from Maui, look out the plane window to see a plethora of colored beaches, including seaside stretches of Hawaii’s unique black and green sand.

For the more adventurous traveler who wants to feel the heat of the volcano, a 2 to 3 mile hike through the Volcano National Park will allow you to see the steaming flows of lava up close. Have no fear, there are National Park rangers and the trail is marked to ensure proper safety standards. As a general tip, drink lots of water and wear closed toe shoes since the lava is sharp and unstable in some areas. After being well hydrated and equipped with the right footwear, a relaxing volcano encounter is the ultimate ending to your Hawaiian hike.