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Virtuoso Cruise Icons

Step into the world of Virtuoso Cruise Icons, where excellence and distinction converge. This year, the prestigious distinction was awarded to three remarkable advisors from Brownell – Linda Allen-Speer, Linda Terrill, and Laura Peterson. We sat down with them to get the inside scoop on what it takes to start a career in the cruise business and achieve such remarkable levels of success. From their deep love for cruising to the support they received from Brownell, their stories paint a vivid picture of what it takes to excel in this dynamic field. Whether you’re considering a career in selling cruises or simply fascinated by the world of luxury travel, join us as we delve into their journeys and glean valuable insights on how to start, succeed, and thrive in the cruise business.

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Linda Allen-Speer

I focus on luxury cruising because luxury cruisers come home with a sense of happiness and excitement about their next adventure. And it was something I truly enjoyed. I had always been fond of cruises and would book my trips through an independent advisor. Over time, I realized that many cruise advisors worked from home, and with my background in sales, it seemed like the perfect opportunity for me to work from home while raising my children. To build my successful cruise business, I have relied on the support of Brownell through their hosting support services and Virtuoso marketing. If someone is interested in selling cruises, here are my suggestions to get started:


Invest in yourself by taking as many trips as possible on the products you want to sell. This firsthand experience will give you valuable knowledge and insights. Make sure to set boundaries for your work times. Lastly, it’s important to have time away from work to maintain a clear perspective and sell better.  

Laura Patterson

I chose to focus on cruising because it brings a great deal of satisfaction to my clients and offers a high level of repeat business and referrals. Personally, I have a deep love for cruising in various forms and find great joy in researching and planning cruises for my clients. Brownell had a great impact on the success of my cruise business. In the late 90s, they assisted with my pursuit of CLIA accreditation, facilitated my attendance at cruise-focused meetings and conferences, arranged ship inspections, and provided opportunities for pre-inaugural overnights on newly launched and refurbished ships. Experience is key, and Brownell not only opened the doors, they escorted me through! If you’re looking to start selling cruises, here are my recommendations:


Sell what you know and gain firsthand experience by getting onboard cruises yourself. Take advantage of the online tutorials and educational webinars provided by our partners and Brownell to enhance your knowledge. Lastly, cultivate strong relationships with the representatives of our partner cruise lines. 

Linda Terrill

Since joining Brownell in 2008, my passion for cruising has grown significantly. Having already experienced over 30 cruises, it was a natural progression for me to focus on cruises, particularly in the realm of small-ship luxury ocean and river cruises. The constant influx of new ships and destination options, including ocean expeditions, keeps my journey in the industry exciting and ever evolving. When it comes to getting started in selling cruises, here are my suggestions:


Take a cruise! Understand the ins and outs of cruising and what clients can expect. There’s a lot more involved than just finding the right ship or itinerary and making the reservation. Select the cruise ships that you think your clients would enjoy most, and then learn everything you can about their vessels, staterooms and suites, dining reservations, cruise line air programs and their insurance, gratuities, booking shore excursions or private excursions. It’s also important to understand the many follow-ups dates you’ll need to set on your calendar to make your clients’ cruises as seamless as possible. Lastly, it’s essential to fully understand the intricacies of cruising and what clients can expect.