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Virtual Expedition to the Galapagos with Lindblad Expeditions

Today, you’re heading on a virtual expedition to the Galapagos on the National Geographic Endeavour II with Lindblad Expeditions. During your trip, you’ll snorkel, hike, kayak, paddleboard and more while seeing – and learning about – the incredible flora and fauna. Be sure to read the Expedition Reports at the end of each day to see real life reports from a recent expedition!

*Note: This is a sample itinerary, and locations can change based on conditions. Click here to see other destinations you could visit during your Galapagos expedition


Time to pack for your expedition to the Galapagos. To make sure you have everything you need, you can follow Lindblad’s packing list. Lindblad also has lots of other resources, like the video below, to help you prep for your trip. Click here to see the full library!!

Day 1 – Arrival

Fly from the US and arrive in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Learn a little more about Lindblad’s history in the Galapagos as you rest up for your big adventure!


Day 2 – Fly to Galapagos

Fly from Guayaquil to the Galapagos and board the National Geographic Endeavour II, your home for the next eight nights.

Day 3 – Espanola Island

During your first full day exploring the Galapagos, you will start by visiting Espanola Island. Here, you can spot a variety of wildlife like sea lions, marine iguanas, and birds on land and see fish while you snorkel at Gardner Bay.



Day 4 – Floreana Island

Today, you will visit Floreana Island, an island named after the first president of Ecuador. On this island, you can find wildlife like flamingos in the rose-pink tinted lagoon and sea lions.



Day 5 – Puerto Ayora and the Highlands

Puerto Ayora is the largest town and home to both Galapagos National Park HQ and the Charles Darwin Research Station HQ. In the morning, you will visit the Research Station and see giant tortoise breeding corrals.


Later, you will head to the Highlands where you visit a family-run farm and learn about their way of life. You will also observe the giant tortoises in their natural habitat and understand more about these incredible creatures.


Day 5 Expedition Report


Day 6 – Cerro Dragon, Eden Islet and Daphne

Today starts off at Cerro Dragon, an area on the northwest coast of Santa Cruz. You will hike along a trail and see land iguanas as well as other flora and fauna. Next, dive into the water at Guy Fawkes Islet and snorkel with colorful fish. Lastly, explore the Eden Islets by Zodiac where you might be fortunate to spot blue footed-boobies and will end your day watching the sunset as you navigate around Daphne Islet.



Day 7 – Bartolome and Chinese Hat

Kick off Day 7 by visiting Bartolome Island in the morning. This island is part of an archipelago that is one of the most active hot spots in the world. Here you can hike and take in the amazing views or swim and snorkel from the beach. And if you’re lucky, you may even see some Galapagos penguins! After exploring on land and in the water, enjoy a Zodiac ride around Chinese Hat.



Day 8 – Darwin Bay and Prince Philip Steps

Darwin Bay is located in the remote northern area of the Galapagos on Genovesa. Nicknamed “Bird Island”, Genovesa is an incredible place to spot red-footed boobies, frigate birds, swallow-tailed gulls, and more, and you will look for them during your hike. After the hike, cool off in the water as you snorkel and spot tropical fish, rays, and sharks.

This afternoon you will go to Prince Philip Steps where you hike up a steep path to a seabird colony and soak up incredible views.



Day 9 – Disembark/Guayaquil

This morning you will disembark the ship and fly back to Guayaquil. You can spend the afternoon and evening exploring the city.


Day 10 – Fly Home

Your incredible expedition has come to an end – today you fly home from Guayaquil. During your flight home, you and your fellow travelers start planning your next expedition!


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