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Travel with my Daughter. Part 3

This is the third in a series of posts from Debbie Fairvalley‘s 3 week adventure with her 16-year-old daughter, Wallis.


Day 6 We are off to catch the ferry back to Piraeus… suggestion-when packing for island hopping in Greece – I suggest you pack only what you can carry! Lugging two suitcases on/off those ferry STEPS (I counted 22) is less than enjoyable! Once onboard in our first class luxury seats – we settle in for the return trip and a digital photo “journey” of our trip so far. We LOVED MYKONOS! It is the perfect island for EVERYTHING….relaxation, nightlife, recreation, food, scenery, & fabulous hotels!

We arrive back in the port of Athens and meet Alexis (our driver/guide) for the next 4 hours. Due to a planned strike Hellenic Tours has responded and we are seeing the Acropolis today- quick thinking and wonderful insightful planning on our behalf! Thank you, Mairina! Our air conditioned Mercedes whisks us off to the Acropolis. In 90 degree heat – it is a rather quick trip up/down the steps to see this cradle of civilization. Wallis is intrigued since this has been studied in almost all her history classes. She tells me things I didn’t know and Alexis backs up MOST of her stories….From the top of the Parthenon you can see all of Athens. And what a breathtaking sight it is – to look out on the Olympic Stadium, and other Greek ruins and see the new Athens sprawling as far as the eye can see…
Back to the Mercedes for a much more relaxed and cool tour of the city. Alexis is wonderful at adapting the tour to the client – a 16 year old I am sure provides for quick adaptation! We raced each other around the first Olympic Stadium (or should I say I followed her –several laps behind). We visited the Temple of Zeus. We watched the ceremonial guard pass by the Square in his traditional Greek costume. We toured Syntagma Square. We fought incredible traffic (thank God for the air conditioned Mercedes – and a trained guide who knew the “back ways”…) Traffic in Athens is worse than anything I have encountered in New York or Los Angeles….

We passed the police (dressed in their full riot gear) readying for the public strike scheduled for tomorrow. How nice to get a day’s notice that there will be a strike. I believe most of the city will be shut down. I am so glad we are seeing it today!

At 6:30 pm we are delivered to our awaiting Crystal Serenity cruise ship. What a nice way to end a hectic day! Check in is a breeze and within minutes we are onboard, shown to our cabin, and readying ourselves for dinner. This is most seamless embarkation I have ever experienced! I think I am gonna like it here…..