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Top 5 Expedition Cruise Destinations


You know how there are some jokes where you just had to be there to really get it? The same goes for experiencing certain destinations via an expedition – once you do it, you get it.

For more than 50 years, Lindblad Expeditions has been taking travelers to some of the most remote destinations in the world. And when you’re traveling with Lindblad, you don’t just see a destination; you experience it. With small vessels and onboard experts, you get to go where very few people will go and learn from some of the world’s top naturalists, guides, photographers, and scientists. We share our top 5 expedition cruise destinations below.


Dubbed “The Last Fronter”, Alaska is vast and most of its pristine natural sites are quite remote and take “off-the-beaten-path” to new levels. With an expedition, you get to go where big ships or cars can’t reach and really discover what makes this destination so special. From gazing at beautiful glaciers to spotting a pod of killer whales to kayaking along the coast to learning about local cultures, Lindblad’s itineraries let you take a deep dive into Alaska.

Travel Tip:

Lindblad’s Alaska itineraries range from 6-22 days, so even those with busy schedules can experience a quick trip to Alaska.


The Galapagos is one of the few destinations where you can see the world as it was. The wildlife is unlike anywhere else in the world, with blue-footed boobies nesting on the land, sea lions sunning on the beach, and iguanas clinging to the rocks – plus there is even more to discover under the sea. And during an expedition, you can island hop so you maximize your time discovering what each of these remote island has to offer.

Travel Tip:

The Galapagos is a great destination for families, but make sure you children are strong swimmers since you’ll spend time out on the water.

(Ready to go? Lindblad will be in Alaska AND the Galapagos in 2021!)

South Pacific

When you think about travel to the South Pacific, lux over-the-water bungalows may come to mind, but Lindblad offers adventure-lovers so much more! Aboard one of their intimate vessels, you can dive in unspoiled reefs, hike along rainforest trails, and learn about cultures from local people. (Sven Lindblad shares more intel with us in this interview!)

Travel Tip:

The South Pacific is a huge area, and Lindblad’s itineraries include destinations like Tahiti, Fiji, and Easter Island. Your travel advisor can help you find the itinerary that fits your interest.


From the Northern Lights to polar bears, there are many things that draw travelers to the Arctic, but an expedition lets you experience more than you ever realized was possible. You can follow the footsteps of explorers as you go to Iceland, Norway, Greenland and more. Even better, Lindblad has launched two new state-of-the-art, 126-passenger expedition ships in the Arctic and Antarctica that make exploration even more intimate and comfortable!

Travel Tip:

Iceland has been on the rise in popularity, but Lindblad’s itineraries (like circumnavigating the island!) help you avoid the crowds and truly discover why it is on everyone’s list.


All of these destinations are remote, but you can’t get much further from civilization than Antarctica. Lindblad’s purpose-built ships, experts, and experience (Lindblad was the first company to take travelers to Antarctica back in 1966!), ensure that you get to discover all that the Great White Continent has to offer.

Travel Tip:

Antarctica is a long way to go, but so worth it! Read a firsthand experience from our team here.

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