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Top 25 Travel Mistakes

Let’s be real. Sometimes traveling can be stressful… especially when you’re running into one snafu after another. Keep it worry free by avoiding these common mistakes!

1. Winging It
Be a man – or woman – with a plan. Make a list of your must do’s so you are sure to have time to fit it all in!

2. Too Much Structure
On the flipside, a rigid schedule can lead to a stress in the event of delays. Be flexible in the event things go awry. Plus, you’ll be free to take on any unexpected activities you discover once you get there!

3. Being Plane Dumb With Your Time En Route
Time is precious when you’re traveling, and you don’t want jet lag to bring you down! Utilize your flight time by catching some Z’s.

4. Too Much Baggage
While cramming fifty pounds of outfit combinations into a weary, rolling suitcase is impressive, it’s almost never necessary. Keep things light to make traveling a breeze and leave room to squeeze in a few treasures you’ve found. When in doubt, leave it out!

5. Packing Without a List (Like this, this, or this!)
Whether you find one online, or concoct one yourself – a packing list is a must for overpackers and underpackers alike!

6. Too Much, Too Soon
Keep it light on your first day. We all know jetlag is unforgiving, so ease yourself in. Take a stroll around the neighborhood, or enjoy a casual dinner to acclimate.

7. Not Shipping Souvenirs
Don’t fret over the Moroccan rug you’ve been dreaming of just because you can’t fit a 8×10 foot in your rolling suitcase. Get help from the concierge and ship home all of the keepsakes you find along your way to avoid crowding your bag or missing out on a must-have!

8. Taking the Path Most Traveled
Tourist hot spots are typically crowded and expensive – ain’t nobody got time for that! Bypass the tourist traps, and enjoy a more authentic experience.

9. Not Alerting Your Credit Card Company
Raise your hand if you want to spend your first hours of vacay on the phone with Susan from Visa. Alert your credit card companies and bank of your travel plans ahead of time to make sure you don’t end up getting declined.

10. Rejoicing for a Short Layover
Airports can be complicated. Throw in jet lag, foreign language, and customs and suddenly that long layover is gone with the wind. Make certain your layover allows enough time to jump through the airport hurdles without missing your connection!

11. When To Go, or When Not To Go… That is the Question
Research when and when not to visit. It is important to know peak season, weather, and major holidays so that you are able to make the most of your trip.

12. Not Double Checking Carry On Rules
In a world of ever-changing airport restrictions, ensure all of your items meet regulations so you can avoid the dreaded TSA trash can or pat down.

13. Forgetting to Factor in Time Zones
Remember to account for changes in time – or days! Nothing can throw off a Saturday like finding out its Sunday.

14. Forgetting to Double Check Travel Documentation Requirements
You may assume you can get by with just your handy dandy passport, but the requirement for every country varies. Make sure you have all the proper documentation before traveling so that your trip doesn’t come to an abrupt end.

15. Last Minute Packing
We’ve all been personally victimized by last minute packing. Procrastinating packing is sure fire way to bring things you don’t need, or worse – forget the things you can’t live without!

16. Destination Hopping
Don’t run yourself ragged by squeezing in as many destinations as possible into your one trip. Vacation days are sacred, so give yourself time to enjoy the culture and soak in all the area has to offer.

17. Being a Guide Book Stickler
Put. The. Guidebook. Down. Get insider intel from your travel advisor, concierge, or friends who have been there and live like the locals!

18. Playing Airfare Roulette
Waiting around to score lower airfare is a risk that hardly ever pays off. The best rates are the first to go, so it’s best to grab your seats while you can!

19. Not Making Copies of Important Documents
In the event of a pick pocket, or lost luggage, it’s always good to have your copies of passport and other important info!

20. Disorganization
Don’t be the person rummaging through the bag of shame trying to find your boarding pass at the gate. Keep things tidy so that you don’t spend half your days looking through your purse.

21. No New Things
Keep an open mind! Try new foods, and do things you never thought you would! Traveling is the best way to get out of your comfort zone.

22. Pulling Out The Ol’ Map
Nothing screams tourist like stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to pull out your printed Google directions. Check out the map beforehand, or have the directions on your phone. And if you do need to stop, for everyone’s sake don’t clog up the sidewalk!

23. Can You Hear Me Now?
Relying solely on Wi-Fi can be risky, so before you go, purchase a travel plan for your cell phone. Otherwise, you could end up with a cell phone bill equal to the national debt or be left without service.

24. Saying No To Travel Insurance
It’s 2018 and you need travel insurance. Protect yourself and your spring break fund in case your plans fall through.

25. Not Being Aware of Local Culture
Be respectful of the in your destination. You don’t want to offend the local people, or be the stereotypical American tourist.