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7 Things to Love About Emirates Airlines Business Class

Emirates Airlines Business Class

Brownell Traveler Morris Middleton ventured to Sri Lanka and India for a month-long journey. To reach those destinations he flew on the renowned Emirates Airlines. Ranked the sixth best airline in the world by Business Insider, Emirates boasts a top of the line entertainment system with myriad options of televisions shows, movies and music for passengers. And if you’re tired of sitting, you can chat with other passengers in the bar area. Morris flew business class from United States to Dubai, an experience that makes a long haul across the globe actually enjoyable! He shares what he loves about Emirates Airlines Business Class below. Emirates3

1. The red felt hats female flight attendants wear. Yeah, yeah, they wear them in first and economy as well but it seems they have a special purpose in business: they just make you feel good. Emirates’ uniforms are the most recognizable in the air, but after you’ve stepped aboard enjoy the hats quick because they disappear into overhead bins as soon as the hard work begins. In the meantime, get your photo made with one like I did last year between Nairobi and Dubai.

2. The Emirates Lounge: one of the airline business’ best. I enjoyed the one at JFK New York on the outbound, and it is more like a private club than anything else. Tastefully appointed, spacious, and bursting with amenities, from a business center to a restaurant and bar, with fresh flower arrangements sprinkled about liberally. During the seven hours I was there I enjoyed a very nice light 5 pm “lunch”, and I had a full restaurant meal in before boarding. It’s an easy-to-like environment and, if you’re flying the A380, you can board directly from there — a Jetway leads straight to first and business seats on the aircraft’s second level.

3. The Airbus A380. Emirates flies more of the world’s largest commercial aircraft than any other airline, and outfits its business seats differently on 380s than on its Triple-Sevens and other models. Because seats are staggered, there’s nobody seated directly beside you, and you find yourself more in your own private module than anything else. There’s a personal bar and lot of room for stowage — particularly if you choose a window seat as there are bins that will hold virtually anything. Add to that a 7-foot fully-flat bed with a mattress pad and comforter, and you and your noise-cancelling headphones are up for anything. ICE, Emirates’ Information, Communications and Entertainment system, contains 1,800 choices, and when you’re bored with that you can use your mobile phone on the plane to call anybody in the world.

4. The stand-up cocktail lounge and bar in the rear cabin, replete with alcohol and canapes. Do it early and often. There are banquette seats along the sides, and the restroom back there is twice the size of standard and comes with faux wood and golden finishes. The world really does fly aboard Emirates so be ready for some scintillating conversation with anyone from a to -izzard.

5. Onboard dining is something akin to eating in a restaurant; your order is taken personally and not a morsel is slung from any kind of cart rolling down the aisles. Be ready for food in mass quantities—it never stops coming—and, quality wise, it is just about as good as it gets in the air.

6. The Dubai Layover. The business lounge is in DXB’s Terminal 3 concourse as well as in the new A380 terminal is about as long as two football field—no, make it three. There is a food station about every 10 steps and in between them plenty of lounging room, including quiet rooms with reclining couches and no flight announcements. Shower rooms with attendants are plentiful throughout, and to greet you coming and going, there’s about a 12-foot tall flower arrangement at the front door that just begs for a photograph.

7. Complimentary Chauffeur Drive. Yes, Emirates is the airline that picks up business and first class passengers at their origins, ferries them to the airport, then schlepps them where they’re going when they get there—in a black car…scrumptious!


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