The Resilience of the Human Spirit: Terrorism Didn’t Stop Travel, Covid Won’t Either - Brownell Travel

The Resilience of the Human Spirit: Terrorism Didn’t Stop Travel, Covid Won’t Either

Brownell President & CEO Troy Haas shares his thoughts on change and the steadfast desire to travel. 

In this world, change is a guarantee. Some changes are personal, affecting only one or two people, while others are massive and reach far beyond an individual. September 11 is one of those monumental moments that made the world stop completely before continuing on in a new direction.

A few weeks ago while reflecting on the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, I thought about how the travel experience changed dramatically in the weeks, months, and years that followed. Gone were the days of walking straight to the gate to board your flight or greeting loved ones as they walked off the jetway.

Instead, we now stop at security points operated the newly created Transportation Security Administration. We traded waiting in long lines, taking our shoes and belts off, and limiting our liquids to three ounces for our peace of mind.

We adapted and continued to explore the world.

The beauty of the human spirit is our ability to adjust and recalibrate. Change is a guarantee, but it does not mean that we must stop in our tracks, unable to move forward.

Today, we face new changes in travel that also are overwhelming and frustrating. Navigating testing and vaccination requirements, mask protocols, and more travel restrictions add logistics to travel that we never anticipated. But this, too, is the price we pay to travel as safely as possible.

And again, we will adapt and continue to explore the world.

Though it can be headache to plan travel – and one reason why an experienced and well-connected travel advisor is critical – it is worth it in the end. There’s nothing like seeing the joy in our travelers’ faces as they finally get to stand in front of the Eiffel Tower, taste gelato in Florence, or get to see a Broadway play after months and months of planning and re-planning.

In Brownell’s nearly 135 years of planning travel, there have been wars, recessions, and diseases that have made us pause and readjust, but we have continued onward. And today, the team at Brownell remains dedicated to enriching lives through exceptional travel experiences.

Change may be a guarantee, but it will not stop the unwavering desire to travel and discover more, nor will it stop us from adapting and moving forward as we help our travelers see the world.