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The Ranch Italy

Reset yourself with a trip to the Italian countryside

Imagine you are soaking up the last few days of your European tour. You have tasted all the wine, pastries, and pasta each region has to offer and explored vibrant cities like Venice, Paris, and Munich. Now, imagine if the last few days of your trip across Europe were spent recentering your mind, body, and soul before heading home?

Nestled in the Italian hillside in the quaint town of Fiuggi, The Ranch Italy is a serene wellness retreat designed to transform guests holistically from the inside out. From invigorating nature walks through the picturesque hills to detoxifying cuisine and fitness regimens to specially curated massage therapy, the Ranch Italy pulls inspiration from the peaceful landscape of the Italian countryside to cleanse the system and clear the mind.

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“The optimal environment for regeneration, surrounded by nature and nestled in a tranquil valley with a history of healing…”

A Simplified Wellness Program

Gone are the days full of packed schedules and overwhelming activity options. The Ranch Italy mirrors the philosophy of its other wellness retreat, The Ranch Malibu, by implementing a luxuriously curated routine for its guests without the hassle. Whether you choose the four-day program over a long weekend or wish for the full eight-day program, guests will get a holistic experience with their results-oriented fitness program, rejuvenating spa treatments, and plant-based cuisine. The stress of missing out on certain fitness classes or trying to book a massage disappears with each day following a simple yet effective wellness routine so you can focus on rest and relaxation. 

Each day, guests wake and start with a morning hike through the beautiful Apennine Mountains that surround the Lazio region where Fiuggi is located. The daily hikes last around four hours, leaning into The Ranch’s belief that hikes are meant to be done for time rather than distance. The hiking trails vary by day, allowing guests to see the diverse Italian countryside, complete with old-world villages and medieval monasteries. In the afternoons, guests can build their endurance with customized fitness classes, wind down with yoga, and ease tired muscles with a soothing massage. 

Plant-Based Cuisine

When it comes to dining, The Ranch Italy follows the model of “nourishing you from the inside out, and let nature do the heavy lifting.” All cuisine is organically sourced either from their onsite garden or from local farms in the region and plant-based, with the skilled chefs at the Ranch using their combined 20+ years of experience to create dishes that are nourishing and support you on your wellness journey. But do not let the term “plant-based” deter you. The Ranch chefs are constantly adjusting their menus based on what is fresh and in season, and uniquely craft their dishes to bring familiar flavors and their own versions of comfort foods to the table. Though Italy is known for its pasta, gelato, and pizza, its reputation for high quality, delicious cuisine extends even to the most unique wellness meals. From nutrient-dense vegetable lasagna with creamy nut-based ricotta to refreshing acai bowls, the Ranch cuisine is designed to sustain you through its active program and allow your body to detox after a decadent European trip. The best part: mealtimes are a communal affair and are used to educate and discuss ways to maintain well-balanced, healthy living long after your stay. 

Palazzo Fiuggi

Located just 50 minutes from Rome, secluded among the lush sequoia trees and Italian hills sits the stunning Palazzo Fiuggi. This ancient property was once known to have restorative healing powers in its water back in the 14th century and was visited by many masters of the Renaissance – the perfect place for a restorative wellness retreat.  The Palazzo invokes a sense of serenity and privacy for guests of The Ranch who have access to the property’s white-glove service, 20-acre private park, and warm hospitality. Though the dining area and fitness classes take place in a private area exclusive to Ranch guests, the bright and contemporary accommodations in Palazzo are available for you to enjoy, along with their five-star amenities. In between your morning hikes and fitness classes with the other Ranch guests, you can enjoy a refreshing dip in one of Palazzo’s indoor and outdoor pools while taking in the views of Fiuggi’s skyline. Or you could choose to unwind at the Roman Thermae (otherwise known as their world-class spa) and experience the same ancient healing waters of the Renaissance era. Even in your leisure time, wellness and relaxation abound. 

The Results

The ability to recharge and rejuvenate at a tranquil retreat after a long European tour may be enough for most. However, The Ranch wants you to have more than a good experience; they want you to see transformative results in your physical and mental health. Whether your goal is to feel lighter and more energetic, increase your mental clarity, or develop a detox routine that is healthy and sustainable, the Ranch is designed to walk alongside you wherever you are and give you the tools to meet your goals. It is easy to see how the combination of robust exercise and well-balanced meals will lead to healthier living, yet many who have visited the retreat see the benefits of their stay last long after they return home. For travelers wishing for a simple detox after a long trip or those seeking a holistic reset, the wellness program can benefit anyone. 

A Lasting Impression

A Lasting Impression

If you need some firsthand knowledge, Brownell’s CEO Troy Haas recently visited The Ranch Italy after his own multi-day trip through Europe. Over the course of four days, he was able to get the full, restorative experience the retreat has to offer its visitors. He described the program as “an excellent reset in a gorgeous, natural European setting.” One factor he noted about the property is the quiet solitude he experienced since the Palazzo is set behind gates.

Returning from his time at the Ranch, Troy immediately noticed the benefits: lower blood pressure, some lost weight, reduction in stress, and an overall refocus on his wellness to name a few. His experience left him “feeling great after a good series of daily challenges” and he commended the retreat for being “serene like [the Ranch] Malibu, but more luxurious.”  

Brownell Benefits

The Ranch Italy is a Brownell Preferred Partner. Reach out to one of our independent luxury advisors to learn about exclusive amenities, promotions, and additional perks you can receive. Added perks can include private luxury accommodations, airport transportation, or a Virtuoso exclusive amenity of an additional complimentary 50-minute massage for up to two guests, once per stay.