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How Explora Journeys is innovating the ocean travel experience.  

Explora Journeys is new to the open ocean and looking to redefine the luxury cruising through immersive experiences. Explora Journeys is passionate about creating quietly elegant ocean journeys for the cosmopolitan traveler. The first of a six luxury-best-in-class fleet, EXPLORA I will be embarking for an inaugural journey on July 17.

EXPLORA I was imagined for home-like comfort. Between a handful of bars and lounges, to sun decks where water is the focal point, EXPLORA I was imagined to carry guests around the world in pristine elegance and quiet luxury. Once on the water, guests reside in ocean terrace suites, penthouses, and residences with full access to the open ocean. Complete with a wide range of entertainment options that complement luxury living, Explora Journeys is reimagining life at sea.

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“Transforming luxury cruises into ocean journeys which inspire you to travel further, immerse deeper and linger a little longer.

The Ocean State of Mind

Through thoughtfully curated entertainment options that range between luxury shopping experiences, fine dining, and wellness, Explora Journeys is driven by a passion for exploration they call the Ocean State of Mind. The Ocean State of Mind is a way of life dedicated to evoking curiosity and exploration in and of the world, oneself, and others. It fosters a genuine appreciation in connection, authenticity, and reflection. Explora Journeys fosters The Ocean State of Mind through an immersive holistic wellness program and by alluring travelers who have a deep interest in traveling off-the-beaten path in some of the world’s most celebrated destinations. The Ocean State of Mind is about the journey, and about the meaning one can find sailing the open sea.

Enchanting Destinations

Enchanting Destinations

Explora Journeys fosters a longing to explore far beyond the bounds of the ocean. In an innovative itinerary model, each guest’s personal interest is at the top of mind. One can choose between bespoke experiences pre-or-post journey to exclusive experiences like private tastings and tours. Each land-based itinerary is completely customized and tailored to the passions of each guest, so the wonders of each destination become more like a personal playground. Enticing destinations like the Mediterranean, Africa, and Northern Europe, are just a few for journeys that bring unforgettable memories. Sail to the destination of your dreams in all-inclusive luxury and explore parts unknown in some of the most exclusive places.

Reach out to one of our ocean journey experts to learn more about Explora Journeys and the finer details you can discover once at sea.

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