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The Caribbean Essentials You Don’t Want to Forget


When you’re relaxing in paradise, you don’t need a lot (goodbye stilettos!). But the things you do need, you really need. So when you’re traveling to a fabulous destination like the Mandarin Oriental, Canouan (see 10 reasons we LOVE this resort here!), make sure you have what you need by checking this list twice before you jetset.


Bathing Suit

This seems obvious but if you forget your bathing suit, it can be hard — and expensive — to find another on a small island…not to mention the styles *ahem cheekies* don’t work for everyone.

Pro Tip: Pack a bathing suit in your carry-on. If you’re checked bag is delayed, you can still get down to business..the business of maxin’ and relaxin’.


Squinting is not the look you want when you’re trying to look island-fabulous. Double-check that your sunglasses are actually in the case and make it into your bag.


Take it from us: you don’t mess with the sun. Nothing ruins a beach vacation like a scorching sunburn, so pack more sunscreen than you think you need.

Lip Sunscreen

Speaking of sunscreen, don’t forget your lips! There’s no quicker way to turn your smile into a frown than a blistered mouth.

Waterproof Bag

Technology and water don’t mix, and when you’re in the Caribbean you’ll be around plenty of water. Pack a waterproof bag (or even a ziplock) to keep your electronics safe from water and sand.

Beach Bag

Your beautiful purse looks great around town, but it may not live its best life sitting in the sun and sand. Bring a bag that you can use for the beach, pool, and any excursions (like hikes or sailing trips).

Pro Tip: Longchamp bags are easy to pack plus you can use it as an extra tote for souvenirs during your trip home!

Casual Flip Flops

Bring casual, waterproof flip flops to wear on the beach and during the day, and save your nicer sandals for the evening.

Bug Spray

If you are prone to bug bites, pack your own bug spray. Many resorts will have some that you can use, but it may not be up the strength you need.

Transitional Cover-Up

Pack a cover-up that can be used for the beach and pool as well as casual dining spots.

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