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Sustainable Travel Gift Guide








As a travel company, we have a mission to listen to the world we love exploring so much, and in turn, share it with others. Focusing on sustainability can allow us to learn more about waste, climate change, and actions being taken towards making our planet a cleaner, more enjoyable place.

With this, we hope our clients follow our lead!







Paravel Sustainable Luggage Set


A chic, modern luggage set design with recycled materials and vegan leather. The set comes in multiple color ways. If this luggage set is too much for one traveler, opt for a smaller option! No matter the product, Paravel ensures to partner with suppliers who support counteracting the CO2 generated from aviators.


United by Blue 55L Carry-On Duffle


Available in various color ways that included a multi-color option for the spunky traveler, this duffle is durable, flexible, and fashionable. Made for true adventurers, it’s the perfect on-the-go bag. United by Blue ensures their mission to be a sustainable brand by pledging to quit single use plastics with the production of their products.


Yoloha Aura Cork Mat


Made from the softest fine grain cork, Yoloha has crafted a yoga mat that is 100% vegan. This means there is no PVC, latex, plasticizers, or rubber smells that are included in this mat. This mat is simple, soft, and clean. For more avid, sweat-prone yogis, opt for a more durable option that is equally sustainable.


Nixon Rival Watch


Gift a great piece of technology for those travelers chasing the surf. The Nixon Rival Watch is made from tide recycled ocean plastic and is programmed to receive swell data from 550 beaches around the world. Not only is this a great gift for a surfer, but who value our oceans, reefs and who love being close to the water.


Biocol Labs Something for Jetsetters


This one is for the travel guru, who finds his/herself needing a little extra relief. Biocol Labs created the perfect gift set of remedies to calm, relieve, and de-stress while traveling. Entirely plant based, Something for Jetsetters is a great option to show you care. In addition, Olivela will donate one chemotherapy care supplies to children in need with purchase through their domain.

BagPodz Reusable Bags


When traveling, don’t forget the little things. One can always use more bags, especially when on-the-go! BagPodz is a great option to fit neatly into your suitcase if an extra bag is ever needed. Bought extra gifts in the airport gift shop? Buying groceries for your weekend stay in a Caribbean Cabana? Why not make the mundane a sustainable option! These bags are reusable, durable, washable, and come in a variety of bright, fun colors. They make the perfect gift for easy packing and cleaner shopping.