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South Pacific with Sven Lindblad

When you think of traveling to the South Pacific, do visions of over-the-water-bungalows and clear, turquoise water come to mind? Yep — us too!

But there is so much more!

South Pacific Reconnaissance, May 2017: Day 10 Toau West Pass Manta Family ashore

For all you adventurers and explorers who want to experience more, our fabulous partner at Lindblad Expeditions are offering some awesome itineraries in the South Pacific. You get to explore islands most people have never heard of, let alone have visited, and don’t have to deal with the logistics of getting from island to island (not to mention you only have to unpack once!). And the snorkeling and scuba diving is out of this world.

To get a better idea of what these trips are all about, we went straight to Lindblad’s CEO, Sven Lindblad himself! He shares his input and experience below.

What can you experience on these itineraries that you can’t anywhere else?  
There are five distinct itineraries covering Easter Island, Pitcairn, French Polynesia, Kiribati, the Marquesas, Cook Islands and Fiji, from one week to 2 weeks and many are combinable.

The Pacific is vast with so much of it inaccessible except by ship. It is many of those places that provide the greatest experiences – pristine reefs, cultures not inundated with tourists; idyllic beaches where you are the only visitors. It’s also worth noting that to really take advantage of these opportunities, it’s best to not be too many people.  The National Geographic Orion, with only 100 guests is perfectly suited to maximize the opportunities we offer.

What was the highlight of your trip?
The highlight of my trip was the south pass of Fakarava Atoll in the Tuamotu islands. I went there first in July of 2016 and returned in May this year. The snorkeling right off shore is the best I’ve ever experienced and the diving is spectacular. It is also the “sharkiest” place I’ve ever been, but seriously, they are totally docile going about their business and never ever showed any aggressive behavior.

Who is the ideal traveler?  
These are great expeditions for anyone who enjoys getting into the water with a mask, also for families, and those who just want to relax on some of the world’s most beautiful islands. This is paradise pure and simple.

What are the unique cultural experiences guests can enjoy?
Everything from the great statues of Easter Island to the tiny community of islanders on Pitcairn, to the remote high islands of Marquesas, to the fire walkers of Fiji. There are so many different cultures to encounter throughout the South Pacific.

Why should someone travel to this area over others?
I think really for all the above reasons. This is an untraveled part of our world full of beauty, wonder and interest. So frankly, why not?

If you’re ready to explore the South Pacific with Lindblad Expeditions, check out these five itineraries and contact a Brownell Advisor!

  • Easter Island To Tahiti – Tales Of The Pacific
  • Epic Polynesia – Cook Islands To Fiji
  • French Polynesia – Beyond The Postcard
  • Isles, Atolls, And Pristine Corals – Southern Line Islands
  • Azure Seas From Tahiti To The Marquesas

Sven-Olof Lindblad, French Polynesia 2016