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Social Media + Safaris


If you’ve ever been on a safari, you know the rush and excitement of seeing the wildlife (and if you haven’t, put it on your bucket list!). A rhino 10 feet from your car. A herd of elephants playing nearby. A giraffe snacking on the tallest trees yards away. You can’t help but take photos of these beautiful animals so you can remember that moment for years to come. But before you upload  photos to social media, be aware that that your image could put these animals at risk.

Poachers are now preying on unsuspecting tourists’ photos to find the location of animals. They can look at the geo-tag to see the GPS location of the photo, and thus know where to find some of the most prized animals, like rhinos. Here are some tips from African Travel on how to turn off geo-tagging:


Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. There you can turn off Location Services entirely. Or, if you prefer, you can turn off location services (GPS) for your phone’s camera.


Open the camera app, go to settings, and switch off the GPS tagging option.


Geo-tagging will only be turned on in the app on your phone if you have done so manually in the settings menu under privacy > location services. If posting from a computer, click on the gear icon in the right corner and then go to settings to check privacy settings.


Go to the lock icon in the upper right corner to check out your privacy settings. You can set who can view your information, posts, and updates in the “Who can see my stuff?” dropdown. Visit the Timeline and Tagging section to make certain friends can’t post your location by checking you at some locale or tagging you.


Photos are automatically public unless you change your settings. Click the gear in the top right corner, and turn “Private Account” on. Then, only your friends will be able to see your photos. To turn off geo-tagging, turn off location services for Instagram in your settings.


Click on your profile picture in the upper right hand corner and select Settings to see what the public can view, who can search for you and what if any social networks you have associated with your account.

Keep these guys safe from poachers!

Keep these guys safe from poachers!

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