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It’s All About the Journey With

Rocky Mountaineer


It is often said that it is the journey, not the destination that truly matters. Rocky Mountaineer offers luxurious experiences based on this. With eye-opening train journeys that allow you to immerse yourself in nature through the American Southwest and Canadian Rockies, Rocky Mountaineer’s journeys will truly move you.



Four Routes, Endless Luxury




With four distinct rail routes and journeys of varying durations, Rocky Mountaineer provides travelers with a wide expanse of options to see the American and Canadian wilderness. Only traveling by daylight, Rocky Mountaineer includes partner hotels they know and love along with the option of seamless transfer service each night of your journey.

Make your journey as “you” as you want! Each route can be traveled for various amounts of nights. Packages include quick four-day excursions, to longer 10-day leisure journeys. Not sure where to go? Travel a Circle Journey, that allows you to travel two rail lines for the ultimate Rocky Mountain viewing experience.



An Unforgettable Experience



Rocky Mountaineer holds the wants and needs of their travelers close to its heart. This empathy has allowed for truly innovative experiences and exceptional service throughout each trip. Travelers have the option of riding in beautifully custom-designed glass-domed coaches to find themselves closer to nature. The coaches provide seamless unobstructed views of the natural wilderness all from the comfort of your seat. What’s more is Rocky Mountaineer hosts will engage in vibrant story-telling so you have the opportunity to learn about the places you journey through and be taken back in history to discover your inner explorer. Guests also have the option of getting closer to wildlife with an outdoor viewing platform. But the journey isn’t just about the amazing scenery, it’s about the world-class service locally-inspired meals and flavors. Guests will fine dine on cuisine that features locally sourced ingredients and flavors. Dine comfortably at your seat while enjoying the comfort of your journey and the company of those around you. Finally, rest-assured you will be taken care of at night with hotel partners specifically chosen for you by Rocky Mountaineer that guarantees excellent service that mirrors what you can find onboard.

A great option for families, couples, or those just looking to explore the natural wilderness from the comfort of luxury, Rocky Mountaineer is a great option for a memorable, inspirational journey.

Get back to the heart of your inner traveler and make the journey the destination!