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Rhine Valley Wine

Rhine Valley Wine

Many people travel to Germany for an authentic European vacation and immersion in a different culture. One aspect of the Germanic culture travellers love to indulge in is wine! Brownell has partners in Germany who help us coordinate unforgettable wine tasting trips for our clients. For example, we can plan an itinerary for you that includes a private chauffer in Frankfurt who will pick you up at the airport and whisk you away to intimate wine tastings, lunch, or historic tours in the Rhine Valley area, located just outside of the city.

You may commence your journey through Germany at the following city, known for its delicious wine selection:


  • This city has been described as “the most picturesque Rhine cruise area.” There are several castles where you can eat, stay or tour on this route.
  • This is also the location of the Winery Georg Breuer, which is great for an insightful tour and tasting.
  • For dinner, try the Lindenwirt Restaurant. This family-run eatery features a very typical German menu of sausage, potatoes and kraut. Lindenwirt is also famous for its Rudesheim coffee—a delicious coffee concoction infused with liquors and topped with whipped cream.
  • For a nice historical outing, visit the Kloster Eberbach – a gorgeous Cistercian monastery and winery. This location is perfect for a tour and lunch.

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