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Reasons to Use a Travel Agent


As Travel Advisors we can’t keep track of how often we are asked, “Why should I use a travel advisor?” At social gatherings, on flights, sitting in the waiting room at the dentist—you name it—there is always someone asking that question upon hearing what we do. Sure, you can log onto a travel website and quickly book a hotel. But that website isn’t going to rebook your flight if the airline cancels. It’s not going to send a bottle of Champagne to your room. And it’s certainly not going to answer a phone call 24/7 if you need something.

Brownell Travel has been in business for more than 125 years, and our rates of repeat and referral business are enviable across all industries. Why do our clients trust us with everything from simple hotel bookings, to multi-city international trips? Read on for 50 Reasons to use a Travel Agent (or Advisor, as we like to say!):

  1. Access to benefit programs that you cannot get on your own.
  2. The most meaningful travel experiences are not “Google-able.”
  3. We can often beat online prices.
  4. If your trip doesn’t meet your expectations, without a travel agent – you are on your own.
  5. Recommendations are tailored specifically to YOU and your wishes, dreams, taste and budget. They are not based on an algorithm that would recommend the same cookie-cutter package to 125,000 other travelers.
  6. Travel Advisors have more first-hand experience and expertise than American Express Platinum call-center agents.
  7. We are well-connected around the world.
  8. A Brownell Travel Advisor can add extra benefits, perks and value to even a 1-night, luxury hotel booking.
  9. “Villas in Italy” yields over 347 MILLION results on Google. An experienced travel advisor can edit the world for you.
  10. A reputable travel firm provides a safety net for you when you travel that you can’t get on your own or through any type of insurance policy.
  11. The Golden Rule: Brownell Travel has treated our travel providers and partners with the utmost courtesy and respect for more than 125 years. In turn, they love welcoming our clients and treat them like honored guests, not nameless, faceless reservation numbers.
  12. Rare and exclusive experiences – think: private dinner in the Sistine Chapel or exclusive wine-tasting at a private vineyard in France.
  13. No matter how hard you try, or how important you are, you cannot book Four Seasons Preferred Partner, Ritz-Carlton STARSMandarin Oriental Fan Club, Belmond Bellini Club, Abercrombie & Kent 100 Club, Peninsula PenClub, … perks and pricing directly.
  14. Travel Advisors can save you money (often thousands) by preventing rookie mistakes and costly errors – even after you have paid for their fee.
  15. Travel Advisors can connect you with locals and authentic experiences in every destination. It’s like having a friend-of-a-friend who lives in each city or village you visit.
  16. The benefits of a Travel Advisor increase as your travels become more luxurious, more bespoke, more exotic and more specialized.
  17. There is a significant difference between PRICE and VALUE. Travel Advisors help you get the most value for your dollars.
  18. When you book 5-star hotels, you cannot get better service or access to extras and amenities than you can through a well-connected Travel Advisor. Not even Amex Platinum!
  19. Tipping! Who to tip, when not to tip, how much to tip, what currency?! We will tell you what you need to know before you go.
  20. Online reviews can be (and often are) manipulated.
  21. When you are flying Business or First, a Travel Advisor can offer invaluable insight and access to routes and rates.
  22. Everything you need to know about complicated International Itineraries is NOT on the Internet.
  23. We’ll give you more information about the history and culture of your destination than your cab driver (who may or may not speak English) can give you.
  24. Brownell’s marketing partnerships with Virtuoso allow our clients to be the first to have access to private sales, exclusive rates and private experiences not available to the masses.
  25. Surprises and WOW moments. Travel advisors can plan a little something extra to surprise you with on your trip. Everything from Champagne, to a special picnic, to an encounter with local culture.
  26. More than 600 Brownell Clients experienced The Goring Hotel in London before HRH The Duchess of Cambridge (aka: Princess Kate) did.
  27. Greatly enrich your travel experience with access to locals and local personalities.
  28. Will my flatiron blow-up if I plug it into this outlet? (Your Advisor knows the answer)
  29. Specialized trips such as golf, art, culinary or expedition.
  30. Personal connections and clout. Brownell Travel Advisors have a direct line to the General Managers, Owners and Top Executives with the world’s travel providers, hotels and cruise lines.
  31. Would you rather be booking #XYC789030043, or “Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Smith – BROWNELL-VIP!”
  32. If you need a reservation at a Sold-Out Luxury Hotel.
  33. Brownell Travel Advisor’s follow a trademarked process called “Discover More” for collaborative planning.
  34. We receive information and access to promotions from resorts, cruise lines and other travel providers that aren’t available to the general public.
  35. When you travel with family and book through the Internet or directly, hotels very rarely guarantee connecting rooms – not the case when you book through a well-connected Travel Advisor.
  36. A subscription to Virtuoso Life magazine – Award-Winning travel publication that makes going to the mailbox a joy.
  37. Volume & Reputation. Hotels and travel providers will often move Heaven and Earth to accommodate our clients.
  38. Expedia, Travelocity, TripAdvisor, etc are skewed towards the lower end of the market. 3-Star Hotels are often rated as 5-stars.
  39. Perspective: What’s right for your neighbors is almost never right for you.
  40. Perspective 2: It looks AH-MAZING online, but in real life it’s directly beneath a 747 Flight Path and above a brothel.
  41. Sir Richard Branson, Geoffrey Kent, Francis Ford Coppola, Ian Swain, Matthew Upchurch, Sven Lindblad … Do any of these names ring a bell?
  42. Did you know many countries in Europe require your passport must be valid 3 months after your date of departure? Your Travel Advisor does and will make sure you know when to renew it so you’re not turned away at the gate.
  43. “Where is the best place to go for XYZ?” The answer is there is no “best place.” A Travel Advisor will find and recommend “THE BEST PLACE FOR YOU!”
  44. Save Time. 8-hours of Internet research will yield unverified options. A 15-minute DISCOVER CALL with your Travel Advisor will yield expert advice and quantifiable, verified options.
  45. You have a partner in planning. Advisors don’t remove you from the planning process, they just help you along.
  46. Be the first to know about new hotel openings, new experiences and emerging destinations.
  47. When things go “Bump in the Night,” you can’t call the Internet for help.
  48. The General Manager at your luxury hotel will know your name and try to greet your personally.
  49. Advisors grow their business by referrals. It’s in their best interest to go the extra mile for you.
  50. You don’t know, what you don’t know.

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