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Ready to Travel? Do this NOW!

With the borders opening back up in countries around the world, we’re all ready to book a flight, secure a hotel, pack our bags, and get back to traveling. But before you start planning, there is one thing you must do first:

Check your passport expiration!

Many travelers have realized their passport has expired or is about to expire, and passports are taking longer than ever to renew – we’re talking 12 weeks for expedited renewals and 18 weeks for regular.

So take a few minutes right now and:

Dust off your passport and check the expiration date.

Remember, many countries require it to be valid 6 months after your intended date of departure. That means if you passport expires in January 2022 and you’re traveling to one of those countries in September 2021, you could be denied entry! Click here to search for information about specific countries.

If your passport has expired, is about to expire, or even expires in 2022 and you don’t have upcoming travel…

…start the renewal process now anyway! You do not want your holiday trip or Spring Break getaway cancelled due to your passport expiration date. Click here for passport renewal information on the State Department website.

If your passport is nearing or past the expiration date, and you are planning to travel internationally sooner than you can renew it…

…Don’t cancel your trip yet. There are some options, like getting an in-person appointment at a passport office or contacting your local congressman or senator’s office. Your travel advisor can also share ideas of how to get it renewed ASAP depending on your specific circumstance.

If you’ve got a few years left on your passport…

…you’re good to go! But as a best practice, set a reminder in your phone or calendar for 9-12 months before the expiration date to get it renewed.

And while you’re at it, check your Global Entry expiration date if you have it. Click here for information about renewing it.


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